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Today I will tell you about loan applications. If you are needy and want to get a loan then how can you get a loan? These applications will charge you some interest. You have to pay them an amount of interest on your amount. This money will be collected back within the given time. Some applications provide you with access to choose the duration. Some of these applications are:


This is an application. You can get the loan on this application. This app is government licensed. apply, and you will sign up for an account. Secondly, input your phone numbers. The front side picture of the ID card is also required. Thirdly, after seventy-two hours, your account will approve.

You get a loan of a thousand to twenty thousand. After observing your account, they tell you how much money you will get. Soon you will receive money in your account. This account is easy paisa or jazz cash. If your want lone of thousand, you have to return one hundred sixty rupees extra.


In case you will not return the money:

They called you on your mobile number.

They can block your ID card.

They can send the police to the address mentioned on the ID card.

Now I will tell you another application.

Easy Loan:

An easy loan is also a loan application. Do many people ask questions do these applications give you a loan? 

What are the terms and conditions? 

How much is the interest rate? 

If I cannot pay back the loan, what does that company do to me?

I will tell all the questions that will be asked. 

Yes, these applications give you a loan because they are licensed by the government.

The interest rate is very high. After some time, your amount will be less and your interest rate will be high. So, I do not recommend you to get a loan from apps. You may go for banks. Their interest rates are low as compared to the apps. If you will not pay back their loan amount, you will be added to the defaulter list.

Easy Loan

What is the defaulter list?

It is the official list published by a governmental official. In this list, he will be added if a person is not returning something to someone. Secondly, he can not travel to another country. Thirdly, he is unable to deal with bank accounts.

Udhhar book:

The application is used for data remember. If you give a loan to someone and you forgot about it. This app will help you to remember this. Simply, you have to create an account and choose your language. 

Firstly, add a customer.

Secondly, Add his name or phone number.

Thirdly, you can add pictures or add notes. ( in case you want to remember something about that person)

If you want to sell easyload, now you do not need to buy a company sim. With this application, you can sell easyload. This feature is available on this application. You do not need to complete the company target to get easyload sims.

You can also earn money by this. When you easyload to someone, you can get up to 2.5 percent commission.

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