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Assalam-o-Alaikum today I am going to tell you about an amazing earning website, where if you join or sign up for an account, you will get a 1000 Satoshi free of cost without doing any work. And you can withdraw from here when you reach up to 10,000 Satoshi. Now how you will earn this money? You just have to watch videos, visit different websites and you will have to watch these videos, whose time duration is 10 seconds to 30 seconds to earn money.

You will be asked to see the ads as a task. Usually, people ask me that please tell us about such types of earning websites, where we can make a free account, and see some videos or ads and easily earn the money from there. I am sharing with you a very nice website, which has been working for a very long period, every reader of this post should use this website because it’s totally free, you do not need to invest here.

As you will create an account, you will be awarded 1000 Satoshi. After that, you have to watch some videos and see the ads, which will be shown on this website. You will get different Satoshis from different ads. Every video has a different price, every video has its own price. Here I share your top-earning trick if you refer new members to join this earning platform.

Here I tell you about the Referral Commission, you can earn easily 3 levels of referral commissions at this BTCBux. 1st level would give you 20%, 2nd level will award 10%, and 3rd level will give 5%. If another person will join from your referral link, you will get the commission and if another person joins from the previous person’s link then you will also get the commission up to 3 levels.

You have to invite to join this website if you want to work and earn money the click on this link.

Now let’s move to create an account on this website.

Here is the website to earn money:-

As you will click on the above link you will be redirected to the BTCBUX website, as shown in the following picture.


BTCBux Features

In the feature section of this website, there is written: “Earning bitcoin has never been easier with BTBux“.

Simple Tasks:

You will complete the Simple Tasks which the BTCBux provides to earn free bitcoins, as you view the ad, roll faucet, and do offer.

Level System:-

Here you can complete different tasks to level top, as you higher your level, you will receive more level bonus for a lifetime.

Referral Program:-

You will receive a commission every time when your referrals make an earning. 3 level referral commission would be supported.

Contest Bonus:-

You can also get a referral contest bonus, earning contest. You will get a chance to win a bonus tup to $10,000.

Fast Payments:-

You can withdraw at any time when you want. All the withdrawals would be processed within 8 hours without any delay.

Multi Currencies:-

In this platform, you can have multiple currencies, which are supported by both deposits and withdrawals from this website, like BTC, LTC, DOGE, USD, RUB, etc.

BTCBux Features

Here you see that “This website is Trusted by 200,000+ Users and 10,000+ Advertisers over 160 Countries.

You can check the System Statistics of this BTCBux.

System Statistics


1. Now we will click on the Sign Up button to create an account as shown in the following picture.

BTCBux Sign Up

2. As you will click on the Sign-Up button you will be redirected to the next page in which you will have to fill the form, the Username, Email, Password, Confirm Password, and Captcha. All the fields must be filled properly, and the username must be unique, which means no other person may have selected that username before and must click on the check box of Terms and Conditions, and press the Sign Up button.

See the following picture, where you will fill the form.

BTCBux Fill in the form

3. As you will press the Sign Up button, your account would be created, now you can Sign In to your account easily, where you enter your Email Address and Password, Select the Captcha and press the Sign In button. See the following picture.

BTCBux Sign In

4. As you will Sign In, you will get 1000 Satoshi as an award from this website, as shown in the following picture.

Signed In and Earned 1000 Satoshi

The account creation process is complete, now you can earn money by viewing ads, completing high payment easy surveys, by visiting shortlinks by few clicks, by using Faucet rolling every 60 minutes and you can receive Free Satoshis.

You can also refer new users and earn 3 levels of commissions by using Referral Program.

You will also see the payment details of other people in the Announcement section, that how much income they have generated.

Here I guide you about the View Ads section, you may view as many as ads, it depends upon you. Every ad has a different payment. Now how to view the ad? Simply click on any title of the ad, when you do that, you will be redirected to another website.

You have to stay for some time or till the 30 seconds, on that newly opened website, as they get the impression from your visit. Now you can move back to BTCBux website by pressing the back button. Now if you have completed their task successfully, you will get the amount as shown in the following picture.

Earned Satoshi

You can also deposit some amount to add your own ads, as the other users can see your ads and you will pay them some Satoshis, as you are earning from this website. You must have at least 10,000 Satoshi available in your account to withdraw from here. You can withdraw from BTC to Bitcoin Wallet, LTC to Litcoin Wallet, DOGE to Dogecoin Wallet, USD to Payeer Account, RUB to Payeer Account.

I hope so, you may have learned easily to create an account on the BTCBux website, its an easy to do that. You have to work after creating an account and earn money from this website. I shall also give the withdraw proof in the next coming articles.

If you want to watch my practical video for learning to create an account, so here is the full video.


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