Earn Money And Get Paid

Earn Money And Get Paid

If you are lazy, and will not give proper time then, this article is not for you. If you want to earn online, then you have to read the complete article. You can earn money from any device, either a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. It is free. If you completely follow my steps, you can pay well. 

The first step of this video is to open google from your phone, tablet, or laptop.


  • Go to google and search for the keyword CAPTERRA. 
  • Press the search button. The first website on your desktop is the major website.
  • Click on the CAPTERRA website.
  • You can review different things in two minutes and get money.
  • I will tell you how to review things in less than two minutes. Open the website, you will see more than eight hundred different products. You can review them. You will only review different software. No need to buy the software.
  • One can get 20$ dollars for reviewing software therefore, you have to work for five minutes for one review.

If you will read the complete article, then I will teach you how to work for less than two minutes and earn ten dollars. 

  • How to earn ten dollars repeatedly?
  • How to earn without buying software?

Millions of people earn money from this website. You can read how many verified people get paid money from this website.

Why do we get paid only by reviewing software?

The main thing is that we get paid by giving software owners five stars and by giving them good reviews. These five stars give them a good sale. That is why the owner of the software gives money. 

Working for five or less than five minutes will give you 20$ dollars.

If somebody wants to earn online, he goes online and searches for that software online. That person searches for how many people use that software and checks the rating of that software.

A person goes online and reads more about that particular software and reads a lot of things about that software.

There are thousands of products, one can review the popular products and software.

make money online fast
make money online fast

You can review any product or software. Review data collection software, email software, browser software, customer software, or anything related to the customer. You can review them.

Each of which software you want to review, you can earn real money. 

You can earn twenty dollars for five minutes of work. But I will guide you on how you can work less and earn more money.

I will guide you to write a review of QuickBooks software.

Go on that software.

Copy the name of the software and paste it on google.

You will see a lot of reviews.

Read the reviews. Alter the text a little bit. But I suggest you do not copy that text. Change a little so that you can say it in your text.

These reviews are genuine. The person who uses that software reviews it. It will save a lot of your time and give you real money.

You do not need to spend hours on the website to review it. Just change the text a little and then paste the text.

Pros and Cons:

There are some basic pros and cons of the software. Do not need to spend a lot of money on the software to buy it. You can review the software for free. You do not need to spend a lot of money on this process.

How to write a review:

Now I am going to show you how you can write a review.

  • Write your first name, second name.
  • Your email address.
  • A person’s job title
  • his organization names
  • his industry and many other things that you have to write.

They ask you how frequently you will use this website. I suggest you click on it daily or weekly. Do not write monthly. If you write monthly, then they will reject your review because you are not using this website regularly.

how to earn money online
how to earn money online

When you move to the next page then you will see the complete information about software.

Just go back to the previous page and then you will see how other people review this software.

The better the rating the better the review will be.

In the picture below, you have to tell if a quick book is expensive or not. If it is expensive then you have to write more dollars and if it is less expensive then you have to write fewer dollars.

Make sure to add you’re correct information to the software. This will give you real money.

WebSite Link Here


  • The final step is to give a title to your review. In this, you can write that QuickBooks has some cons but, still, it helps small businesses. One can run a small business through this software. You do not need to copy the entire title of the software. 
  • You have to change a little bit. So, it will not show a copy-right claim.
  • Write some pros and cons of the software. I am repeating the line that does not copy anything. Read someone else’s pros and cons and write them in your own words. This technique will save you time.
  • On the next page, you will see some optional things. If you complete this, the chances will increase. So, you have to complete every task. That will improve your money-earning capacity. The more details you give to software, the more money you will earn. More people will read your reviews because you provide more details about them. Provide your real name, and every detail you provide must be genuine.
  • It will take less than 5 minutes, and you will get twenty dollars.

If you want to earn online, and you have a lot of time then, this is for you. You can get a lot of money by simply reviewing the software. They will give you real money. In your leisure time, you can get a lot of money.



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