Earn Money By Joining The Minex Application

Earn money by joining the Minex application

Earn money by joining the Minex application, Minex is a type of application in which a person does not need a good setup for mining. A simple click on the button will increase mining speed. When mining speed increases, the rate of your mining will also increase. A person does not need to invest money in this application. I will recommend you to earn money without investing. Try this application if you do not invest in it. You do not need to give too much time to this application. The more you earn, the higher your earning speed will be. You can say it is cloud mining. This app is free therefore, you can earn without investment. Many applications only start when you invest. The best thing about this application is that it gives you withdrawal with less amount.  If you will join with my referral link you will get more benefits.

In this article I will tell you:

Firstly, how to create an account?

Secondly, how can you withdraw?

Thirdly, how can you get bonuses?

How to create an account:

Click on the start button.

Earn money by joining the Minex application
Earn money by joining the Minex application

In a very simple way, you can create your account. You simply need some basic things to complete your account. All you need is

  • An active email account: This email should be that which you use in your daily life.
  • A strong password: You need to choose that password which you easily remember.
  • Click on “I am not a robot,” click on the register button.

Password: Your password will not be recovered, once you forgot. Choose that password that contains upper-case, lower-case, numbers, and special characters. If you join this app with my referral link, you will get more bonuses and therefore, your mining speed will also increase. 


I repeat, remember your password. As I will not be recovered.

How to use the application?

Usage of application:

After the creation of the account, you will see the interphase given below:

minex world real or fake
minex world real or fake
  • First, “Your power is 3000.00 GH/S.” This means the app gives you this power. This is your mining power which boosts your mining speed. 
  • Second, “Your level 1”. You can invest money to boost your mining speed. This will increase your level of mining. I recommend that you do not invest money in this app. The coins you will earn will be reinvested.

How to choose a currency?

Choose currency:

Make Money Online At Home
Make Money Online At Home
  • Firstly, choose “TRON.” You can choose whatever you like. Therefore, I choose Tron. You can choose bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Monero. Click on Tron and start mining.
  • Secondly, mining will be activated. The pause button is also available. If you want to pause mining, you can pause. 

After some time, you can reinvest the earned money. By reinvesting, your mining speed will increase. You can earn well. See the REINVEST button below.

Mooti4u earning
Mooti4u earning

After some time, you can reinvest the earned money. By reinvesting, your mining speed will increase. You can earn well. See the REINVEST button below.


Best Earning App
Best Earning App

Other options:

Many other options exclude mining.

Partner: it is an option where you can add your referrals. These referrals maybe your friends, family, and others. By adding these referrals, you will gain benefits. You will be given a little percentage if they join via your invitation link. When they join with your referral link, you will gain 50 GH/S. By clicking on the Partners option. You will see an announcement that you will not join the application with your referral link. You must have different Wi-Fi and you may use different mobile data. If you violate the app policy,

  • you will be blocked. You can copy your referral link and send it to your friends and family.
  • Secondly, you will gain the benefit, if they purchase levels. But I suggest you earn it for free. Do not buy or purchase levels.
  • Bonus: you can earn bonuses. Therefore, after every one hour, you can get bonuses. These bonuses will increase your mining speed.



minex world
minex world

History: An option in which you will see all withdrawals and other bonuses that you claimed.

Replenish: IF people want to increase the mining speed by deposit money, they can do it. By investing 10 dollars, you will gain a speed of 25000 GH/S. But I have already told you that you do not need to purchase.

Settings: You will see only the password change option. You can change your password. But you have to remember the password.


Firstly: the withdrawal amount and the amount to be credited will be asked there. You can simply input the amount and withdraw it.  

Secondly, the amount of withdrawal will be credited within 6 to 15 hours. People can also select the method by which they want to withdraw. 

Thirdly, when you reach the minimum amount to which you can withdraw, you can withdraw. The below mentioned are the minimum amount of withdrawal. Your minimum withdrawal of BTC is 0.00500000, DOGE is 0.02469281, BCH is 0.10000000, LTC is 0.02469281, and XMR is 0.50000000. These are the minimum amount of withdrawal.

minex. world

Earn money on clipclaps application

My experience:

You have to give more time in the first 2 to 3 months. After that leave the site and you will receive a withdrawal. I use this app without investing a single penny in this application and I receive 30k after 3 months. After 6 to 7 months, I will receive a huge amount of money through this application. I use the Binance app to withdraw money. I will show proofs in the next article. If you people give more time to this application, you will get a lot of money without investment. This application is original and gives you earnings. But the earning is low at first. Later, your earning speed will increase. Your mining speed will also increase. You can earn money at home by using this application. 


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