Earn Money By Listening To Music

Earn Money By Listening To Music

You can earn money by listening to music on the sound cloud. Whether you are from America, India, Pakistan, Australia, or some other country. It does not matter. You can earn hundreds of dollars just by listening to music. Listen to a song that gives you three dollars and fifty cents. Listening to the ten songs gives you thirty-five dollars. You can count further. 

That is free. 

You can repeat this procedure. 

A song is almost three minutes long. Three minutes give you three dollars fifty cents.

You do not need any money to get started. 

It is free. 

You do not need a specific phone or laptop for this. 

One can get benefits from any device.


  • Go and check soundcloud.com on your phone or laptop.
  • Install it on your android or iPhone. It is available on both.
  • There is no need for money to download or install SoundCloud.
  • When you open SoundCloud, you see a lot of variations of songs. Songs are available in many languages.
  • When you download SoundCloud, you will see a lot of people download this application and use it for money and to enjoy.
  • You can listen to every type of music here. If you are in love with old music, you can listen to old music. If you want to explore something new, here is a section for something new.
  • When you download this application, scroll down and click on EXPLORE TRENDING PLAYLISTS.
  • Here are many different opportunities. Many categories are available there. If you want to sleep and you are thinking to listen to sleep music. Simply click on sleep and play the song.

It is very easy to play and listen to music. Music of any category is available on the sound cloud. Now I am going to introduce another application.

Earn money by listening to music
Earn money by listening to music


  • If you are a music lover and want to learn the lyrics of that song then it is the best site for lyrics.
  • If I love a song and I want to listen to the lyrics. 
  • Go and check this site. You listen to music and add some words to this music. 
  • By this, you can earn a few dollars. One can repeat the process over and over again.
How to earn money online
How to earn money online
  • Every audio minute gives you one dollar and twenty-five cents per minute.
  • If your transcript the lyrics of the song, it also gives you one dollar and twenty-five cents. Now look at calculations, three minutes give you three dollars and seventy-five dollars. You can do this ever and over again and earn a good amount of dollars.

Now I will tell you more about making money by listening to music. The website for that is given below:



It is Rev.com. Here you can also listen to a variety of music.

  • The main work for this website is to transcribe the various types of music. Just transcribing the music with different languages will give you some dollars. You can repeat this step to earn more money through this website. 
  • Here you can transcribe the audio music as well as videos. You can also write for videos. This site gives you two types of opportunities.
  • It gives one dollar and twenty-five cents for each minute for transcribing the music into lyrics.
  • There is a lot of music on these websites. You only need to write lyrics for songs. It gives you some dollars. 
  • You do not need to invest in this website. It is free of cost. The only work you have to do is to transcribe the music into its lyrics. It is an easy way of earning.


How to register on Rev:

Scroll down on the website. You will see an option of FREELANCER. Click on the freelancer option. That will open up into a new page.

           On this page, you see a few options as you will earn by simply transcribing the music and videos. 

You can work from home or anywhere in the world. It creates a flexible workplace for freelancers therefore, you can work for as much time as you want. you can work for three hours, two hours, thirty minutes, or whatever you want.

Earn money fast
Earn money fast

On this website, there are two types of jobs. 

  1. One is transriptionist
  2. 2nd one is the captioner

If you want to be a transcriptionist. You have to click on the button for learn more option, here you will see a lot more about this job. For this job, the only thing you have to do is scroll down this page.

  • When you scroll down the page, you will see a red heading that SIGNUP NOW TO BE A TRANSCRIPTIONIST.
  • Simply signup to this website and become a transcriptionist. 
  • The good thing is that you will get paid every week. The money will transfer into your Paypal account directly. Your payment will be on time and never delayed.

  If you want to become a captioner, then do the same as I did for a transcriptionist. There is no need for money to invest. It is a free website where you can earn a few dollars and work as a freelancer.

Now I am going to tell you more websites from where you can get more. I told you a lot of opportunities here so you can get benefits from the websites and earn more money.


Go transcript:

The website is a transcript

  • On this website, you can earn eighty-six cents per minute. 
  • If you write the lyrics of a song in one minute, you get paid eighty sic cents. 
  • It is a good amount of earning. A piece of music that is three minutes long, you can get two dollars and fifty-eight cents.
Listen music and earn money
Listen to music and earn money

I am going to tell you a piece of advice that you have to signup on multiple platforms for more earning. Signup on all the sites that are told in this article. So that you get multiple opportunities to get different jobs.

  • When you will work on gotranscript.com then you get a lot of benefits.
  • You can work from home.
  • Do work as much you want. this gives you flexible working hours.
get paid to listen to music
get paid to listen to music
  • If you want to work then scroll down to this page and click on WORK as a transcriptionist.
  • Click on APPLY NOW button. This will open up into a new page.
  • If you want to sign up with your email, you can. 
  • You can also signup with your social media accounts.
  • Give a strong password. And earn money online.

Now I am going to tell you about another website that will also give you some money.



  • For this application, you only need to click on the button START TRANSCRIBING.
  • This will open into a new page. Here you will listen to music and below music, you can start to transcribe it.
  • Here you can transcribe a downloaded video or youtube video. 
  • Suppose you are writing lyrics on sound cloud. You will see a share button. Here you can copy the link and post it on OTranscribe.com.
  • Download the music and upload the music file and start to transcribe.

 I am giving you a piece of advice that if you translate the music of a foreign language, you can earn three to seven dollars per minute. So, search for that music that has a different language and different country. It will boost your money.

     I am going to tell you about a website that can translate into many languages. You can utilize that website to transcribe the songs of many languages.



  • That is a website that can translate a song or anything into different languages.
  • You can translate the music of german into English and some other languages too.
  • One can upload a whole file on this website. That will transcribe the complete file into the required languages.


These all websites will give you some money. But if you signup for all these you can collect a lot of money.


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