Earn Money By Playing Games

Earn money by playing games


I am Ahmad and I am passionate about online tricks which will give you real money. I write about technology, games, and different apps that will give you money. All of my articles provide you with the best understanding of different types of earning techniques. In this game, I will tell you about Earn money by playing games. This game is not like most used games. It is not like that you play once and you will earn a lot of money. The process of earning, in the beginning, will be slow.

Where do we get these games:

Game Website Link Here

Dragoevolution Game

Mergecat Game

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About these games:

These games are offered by cryptocurrency. You have to play these games by a specific method. If you play more, you will earn more. In these games earning will be slow but after some time you will earn a fair amount of money. If you put in more effort, you will earn more. If you have referred you will earn more.

How to create an account?

You need to create one account but you have to login into 3 places. REMEMBER! You have to create an account. If you play the game without the creation of an account, due to some tragedy your data will be lost. After that, you install the game again and your game data is lost.

You have to log in to both game accounts and one website. Your earnings will be shown on the game website. You can withdraw money from the game as well as from the website. Many of you play the game directly without an account. They lost data.

With an account, you can restore your game data. If you uninstall this game, you can recover your data. Your game level will also be restored and earned too.

How To Play Game:

  • After installing, click on start game.
  • A key option will be given to you in the top left corner. You will see a SIGNUP option.
  • Input your name, password, and email.
  • You will confirm your email and then input the password.
  • The same password will be necessary for the 2nd game and the website of the game.
  • The more you merge cats, the higher the game level will be.
Earn money by playing games
Earn money by playing games
  • As you see in the above picture, by an increase in-game level, your earnings also increase. So, as you will play more, there is an increase in in-game level, and your earning will also increase.
  • When level upgrades, the game will give you bonus coins.
  • The game gives me 100k coins.


The above two games are crypto dragons and merging cats.

  • You can simply log in to this game by using the links that I provide.
  • You can copy referral links and send them to your friends. You can also use my invitation codes if you want to earn more. I will get some benefit if you use my referral code. If you do not do this do not worry, your account will be created simply.

  • I am going to show you the interphase of the game.
  • You have to play the game with some tricks. When you earn coins, those coins will be reinvested and buy more cats. By buying more cats, you will earn more benefits. 
  • You have to pick one cat from the middle and place that cat on the track. You have to place the cat on the left sidetrack. You can see clear arrows on the track.
  • When you see the same cats, you have to merge them. This will change your cats. Buy new cats with the coin you earn.
I am going to show you something more in the WALLET section.

You have to play well if you want to earn:

You can see the coin in my picture. These coins will increase as you play well. You can buy cats with coins. You will see, your coins will increase firstly as you play.

  • Cats will increase your game level.
  • An increase in level will increase your coins.
  • Increasing your coins causes you to increase your diamonds.
  • Your real earning is diamonds. 
  • You will withdraw these diamonds and get money.

How To Play Game And Earn:

  • The cats which are the same, click on one of them and place one cat or to the other. This is a very simple technique of merging. You will see multiple cats which will look the same, you have to merge them.
  • If cats decrease you can buy from the option which is situated at bottom of the screen. You can reuse cats for earning. You will place cats on track. These cats will travel and earn coins. These coins will buy new cats. 

If your coins are insufficient to play the game, you can buy them from the app. You can get a bonus if you play well. When you play well and earn more, your game options will increase.

So, I am going to tell you about the withdrawal option. That option will be available when you play more.



You can see LIS, Game balance, website balance, and withdrawal to the site. If you have 1000 LIS, you will get 44 dollars. My game balance is so, so I cannot withdraw money.

You can withdraw money by reaching the level of 14. You can unlock your withdrawal option on the 14th level. When I will draw money, I will tell you the whole process in my next article.

It is very easy to play this game, the procedure is very simple. I hope you will understand how to play the game.


These games are given by crypto. This game will give you slow earning in the beginning but then your earning will increase over time. You have to work hard if you want to earn more. In this game you simply need, place more cats on track. This will increase your coins in-game. You will buy more cats with these coins. In the end, you will earn diamonds. These diamonds will give you real money. This real money you can withdraw after the 12th level. I will share my withdrawal experience with all of you soon.

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