Earn money on clipclaps application

Earn money on clipclaps application

What is clip claps application:

Clipclaps are a type of application in which everyone can earn by playing games and watching videos. This application is free of cost. This application gives you coins. Therefore, you can exchange coins. so, these coins give you dollars. You can recharge your phone through these coins. Secondly, you may withdraw it.

From where to download this application?

  • This application is not available on the google play store. Therefore, you will download it from another source. So, this source is googled chrome. 
  • Write CLIP CLAPS APK DOWNLOAD is the search bar. On the top of the screen.
Earn money on clipclaps application
Earn money on clipclaps application
  • Click on the download option. Downloading will start. This is the original clipclaps application.
  • Click on the option which I show you below and your downloading will start.

How to withdraw money?

Previously, you could only recharge money to your phone. 

  • Simply input your phone number without zero.
  • Secondly, click on submit. You can input any telecom company number. In Telenor, I receive payment in 9 hours. However, in zong, I receive a payment within 9 minutes.
  • Now the clipclaps application has a new update. You can transfer money in your jazz cash and bank account also. This update is the latest.

How to earn coins:

  • You can earn money by collecting coins. These coins can be collected by watching videos on this application. When you watch the video, rewards will add to your reward box. When you will open these rewards, you get coins, dollars, and referral tickets.
  • A person can earn dollars, one dollar, half a dollar, and a few pennies to the referral’s tickets.
  • Spinning:
  • Earning money by spinning is also available in this application. 
  • You may get dollars by spinning. Get coins, referrals, chest, and dollars through spinning.
  • Watch ads and earn free spins.
  • Task:
  • By clicking on the free task option, you will receive different tasks. People can earn money by completing tasks. The application will give you instructions that how to complete the tasks.
  • The Task is that you have to download some games. Secondly, play them. Thirdly, reach the given tasks level. The application will give you coins.
  • I am not going to recommend you to do this. But, if you have time to play games, you should have to play them.
  • Redeem:
  • Simply use the redeem option.
  • Click on redeem and paste that code. I am giving this code below. One dollar will be added to your account after using this redeem code. 
Clipclaps Radeem code
Clipclaps Radeem code

This is the simplest method. Earn money in a very simple way. Share your redeem code with friends and family. The more people use your redeem code, the higher you will earn.

How to copy your redeem code:

Click on your profile. A code is available just below your name. This is a redeemed code. Therefore, copy it and send it to your friends. You will earn from this too.

How to play a clipclaps game:

  • Many of you did not know how to play a game.
  • Game coins will not be added to your account. This is a different thing.
  • When the level of your game increases, you will gain some points. These points will be added to your account and you can withdraw them. You cannot withdraw less than 10 dollars.
  • At first, you can play only 4 games.
  • Cat game:
  • Click on the CAT game. Simply merge the same cats.
  • You will receive gifts during the game. Collect the gifts.
  • Earn more by increasing levels.
  • Fish game:
  • Play a fish game. Make fish bigger and earn dollars daily.
  • Feed the fish daily. Sale the fish at the end and get dollars.
  • Dollars depend upon the fish size.

How to create an account:

Normally you can create an account by two methods.

  • By login to google
  • By login to Facebook 
  • You can log in with your phone number also.
How to create an account clipclaps
How to create an account clipclaps

How to earn more:

Click on the V option and claim rewards. Your game level is also available there. 

Click on MORE REWARDS. The application will give you some tasks. Therefore, complete the task and earn. You will earn by watching extra videos and claps. Earn by sharing games. Get 1000 coins by sharing.

Why did the application decline my withdrawal?

If you have 10 dollars in your application and want to withdraw it. But the application rejects your withdrawal. So, what should we do? I am going to tell you the solution.

This issue occurs due to your inactivation of the application. You did not give proper time to this application. However, people did not give daily time to this application. The average time to use this application daily is 15 minutes. When you did not reach the time. Secondly, if you did not watch videos on the application or did not complete tasks. Application declined your payment.

The application is processing your withdrawal. This means the application was not available in Pakistan previously. America, the Philippines, and other countries have had access to this application in the past. These countries use PayPal accounts. In Pakistan, your easy way to get money is to recharge your account. You will receive the money within 20 hours.

If you did not receive payment after several days or you faced a lot of issues. You can mail the application. They review your email and send you the payment. If you feel difficulty in writing, you may contact me. I will write a paragraph for you. I am giving the email of the clip claps application.


Tell them your problem is that I have a payment issue. I did not receive my payment. Why did you decline my payment? Etc. Wait for a while. Clear app cache and then apply for withdrawal. They will review your email and word accordingly. The application team will reply to you shortly. This application will be 100% genuine. Due to a lot of payment requests, the application delays your payment.

Decline withdrawal solution:

I am going to do a practical in front of you guys. I am showing you my withdrawal payment which I received within 15 minutes. You guys make a lot of mistakes in the application. Therefore, they declined your payment.


I received 10 dollars this morning. I showed a picture below.

Now I will show you my clip clap application. You will see when I withdraw money and when I received the money.

Today is 12-04-2021. I received money at 9:56 am. The time and date are shown above. I received money within 15 minutes.

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