How To Create An Application

How To Create An Application

After reading this article, you will be able to create your application. Earning on the application is much more than watching ads on a website, and playing games. So, I am going to teach you how to create an application. That is very simple. You can create your application free of cost. Let us get started.

Go on google search. Type appsGeyser. You will see interphase like this. This is a genuine website that will create apps for you.

How To Create An Application
How To Create An Application
  • When you open this application, multiple things will be available on it like, how to create an application, 
  • How to use this application, and how to change the background of the application.
  • There are a lot of variations in making an application. A person can make music applications, drama applications, TV applications, and wallpaper applications.
  • This website is said to create fifteen applications in a month. If you do not earn through these applications, I will give you thirty dollars in return. The website will take your account from where you made applications.


How to create an app:

Click on the create app option. The website will offer you two types of applications.

  1. Business
  2. Individual

Business applications are things like YouTube, Facebook pages, blogs, and others.

An individual application is a website type application, chat application, wallpaper app, and game.

We are going to create a wallpaper application.

How to create an app
How to create an app
  • Click on wallpaper. There is no need for any type of coding etc. 
  • This is a simple method by which you can create this application. 
  • Click on the Next button.
Create App
Create App

You will be given two options. 

  • Customized
  • Online
App Geyser
App Geyser


  • In online everything will be available in a dish for you.
  • In customized, you have to change everything according to your interest. 
  • You have to choose the album name and have to upload one picture. 
  • The first time it is necessary that you have to upload one picture. 
  • Click on the Next button, and this will open into a new portion. 
  • Here you to give your application name. I am going to use “4K wallpapers 2021”. 
  • Use that name that will not be present in the play store. 
  • Click on the Next button. 
  • Here you can choose your app icon. 
  • You can paste an image from your PC. 
  • That will be your customized icon. 
  • By clicking on the customized button you can upload but, you can also use the default icon. 
  • One must upload a picture of 512 png. After that, click on create option.


  • You have to sign in by using a Facebook or Google account.
  • I recommend you use a separate email for this application. 
  • If you have already an account, then sign in to that account. Use that password that you already use.
  • An email will receive that you have successfully created your account. 
  • You have to verify your email. 
  • Go to your email section and click on verify the email. 
  • Refresh your dashboard: this vanishes the verify option.

I am going to discuss the things one by one.

Premium: these are paid things. This is for business and individual also.

Download: You will see a publish option. After completing, we will publish our application. I will tell you the procedure. I will tell you how to publish your app on the play store.

Now click on the EDIT option. 

  • We will discuss, how to customize our application. 
  • We have completed all the things at the start. 
  • Now we will go to do something more. 
  • You can make changes to your application. 
  • The description is important. Without a description, your application will not be complete. 
  • The description is a two- or three-lines paragraph in which one can write about the application and its specifications.
  • After that, you can change the application’s theme. There are multiple themes. Select one of any choice
  • If you want to clone your application, you can do it.


Click on the tabs option.

There you will choose the layout of your application. I am going to choose the slider option. After that, click on the save option. After saving, this theme will be applied to your application.


  • This tab is not necessary because this is useful in monetization. I am going to tell you something about this.
  • You have to put four screenshots on this. When you install the application on your phone, then you can put screenshots.
  • There are also many other settings, after changing the setting, you will click on the save option. But at this time, you do not need to do all these things. Because these things are necessary for monetization. 
  • When your application is functional, you can use these options.
  • You have to input more images on your application. 
  • This will increase the ranks of your app. The users will access your app easily. 
  • When you add more images, you will get more benefits.
  • If you want to promote your application on the play store, you can. 
  • Therefore, you need some money that you will give to the play store. 
  • Otherwise, you have many platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. 
  • You can share your application link with your friends and family.
how to make app and earn money
how to make an app and earn money

How To Place Ads On Your Application:

  • I am going to tell you how you can place ads on your app.
  • Firstly, you have to create an AdMob account. 
  • Secondly, An ad unit will be created.
  • Thirdly, you will place ads in your app. These ads will give you earnings.


The most important thing is your hard work. If you want to earn, you have to work hard. A person needs to place more pictures in his application. When he input more pictures with variation, he will earn more. His application ranks high everywhere.

You all know that this website said to create fifteen applications per month. If you create fifteen applications and you will not earn. This website will give you money. But first thing is that you can create fifteen apps, and those apps give you real money.

I will tell you more about monetization. After your complete application, you can apply for monetization. 

So in this article, I tell a lot of things about the application. A procedure that explains, how to create an application free. I will meet you in the next article.


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