How To Create Snack Family Group

How To Create Snack Family Group:

In this article, I will tell you about “How To Create Snack Family Group” on a snack app. The procedure is very easy. All you need is to give proper attention to this article. Many people around you say that join our snack family then we will give you money. In this blog, I will tell you how to create a family. Which family should you join? Which family gives you money? How to join verified families? On which basis do you get a salary? How can you get a salary from an admin? How do you do live hosting? If you have any issue regarding salary, how will you solve it? How can you withdraw money? I will tell you everything in this article. You have to complete some tasks if you want to get money.

Create family on snack app:

  • Open the snack app
  • Click on the profile option. You can click on your DP.
  • You will see CREATE A FAMILY option. Click on that option.
  • You need to complete basic requirements.
  1. 1: Name of your family.
  2. Give a good description.
  3. Write your Email.
  4. Click on the CREATE option.
  5. It will take 12 to 24 hours to create your profile.

If You Cannot Able To Find CREATE A FAMILY Option:

  • Firstly, Click on the settings.
  • Secondly, Click on the HELP CENTER. As shown in the picture below.

  • Thirdly, Click on the OTHER QUESTIONS at the end of the HELP CENTRE.
  • Fourthly, click on the HOW TO CREATE A FAMILY.
  • Now you can type your question.

  • Click on the unsolved option.
  • Click on the FEEDBACK option.
  • Type your feedback on the box. You will type that I want to create a family but I have no option of “create a family”
  • Attach Screenshot.
  • Email is optional. If you want to type an email, type it. Otherwise, it is not compulsory.
  • In the end, Submit it.

Requirements of the family:

  • 500 members are necessary to run a snacking family. If you add 400 to 500 members to your family, you can approve your family. All these 400 500 members need to work hard to run a family.
  • However, if you want to create your own family, you require 1 to 1.5 months. Adding people in groups, contacting them, and giving them information related to the snack.
How To Create Snack Family Group
How To Create Snack Family Group

Which family do you need to join or how?

Join that family which has at least 400 members because I hope this family will be verified in the next few days. Tap on that family. Click on the apply option. Admin will review your profile. If you are working on a snack app, they would approve your profile.

Requirements for approval:

  • You must have followers other than the snack app. Facebook page, Instagram, likee, YouTube, and Tiktok followers.
  • Your need is 1000 followers on these above platforms. The more your followers the higher your salary will be. Salary starts from 30 dollars and falls in millions of dollars if you work hard. Hard work is a key factor.
  • IF you have a Facebook Id with more than 5000 friends, you can convert your ID into the group. This is a unique trick. Clone the page from your Facebook ID.
  • Followers less than 1000 are not beneficial.

After joining a family, if this family ranks in the top 100, it is verified, and members get a salary. Suppose you were added to a family which is verified. 

  • After that, the admin says that you have to upload a maximum of 5 videos. But you can upload a minimum of 2 videos. 
  • 25 qualified videos are necessary which will be uploaded by the snack camera app and some videos from other cameras. 
  • Content should be original. Do not copy the content of others. This will reduce the chances of your salary. Maybe you will not get a salary if you copy something.
  • If you do not want to show your face, then make videos of children and babies in your home or do something creative. Snacks will reward you due to your creativity.
  • Snack said if you want that your video will qualify, then 10 likes, shares, and comments are a must. Do not worry about this, 400 members are in a family they will like to share and comment on your videos.



Active days limit:

25 active days, 25 videos in a month, and 10 qualified videos.

There should be ten videos with ten comments, ten comments, and five shares.

How to do live hosting?

Like you join a family, you will talk to your admin about live hosting.

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How to withdraw money?

  • Go to the setting option. 
  • Click on the wallet section. Slide this section and you get a cash option. You will see the minimum salary is 30 dollars per month.
  • Use your Payoneer account and connect it through jazz cash or bank account. Dollars will transfer into a Payoneer account and then into your bank and jazz cash account. 

I tried my best to convey everything to you people. If you have any questions regarding this, you can comment. 

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