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Hello, this post is for those, who want to do Live hosting on SnackVideo. Here I will teach you everything from A to Z and I will answer those questions, which you ask the most, I revise here, and will answer all those questions. How do you have to join our Agency? I will tell you here. Agency Code, its procedure, how much amount will you get from here? All these things, I will discuss here in this post.

I am discussing the following questions:-

How we will perform Live hosting?

We are not finding any Live hosting option?

How to get that option?

How many days and hours we will perform Live hosting?

How much time in a day, we have to be Live here?

Can we come Live in the daytime or at night?

Can we come Live at any time? Why our Live is banned, what is the reason behind it?

If it’s banned then how to unban our Live hosting?

How you will generate income from this agency?

And what would be the method of withdrawing our payment and how to collect more coins?

I have tried to share all the questions here, maybe any question I had left, don’t worry about that I shall explain all the things and your queries in this post here.

First of all, I tell you how to perform Live hosting? Look, first of all, you have to make an Intro Video of yourself, and give it to your agent then, your Live option would be turned on after one or two days. The intro video is especially for coming Live, which means that it is necessary to have your intro video come online or live.

When the Snack Video team will check your intro video, they will enable your live option, and you will be able to come Live. I think here you have understood that how to enable the live option of Snack Video, and how to do hosting.

Now here is a question that how to make an intro video, I am telling you that and you must have to put your user name on Snack Video, I will make a demo intro video for you.

Assalam-o-Alaikum, my name is Mooti4u and I have joined an agency called Earn and Learn, and my agency code is 282060. Now you may start making your intro video, after writing a description and tags with the agency name “Earn and Learn”, and publish it on Snack Video. After publishing, copy the link of that intro video and send it to your agent. When you will make this video and will send it to your agent, then the agent will fill up your form, and you will get your live option, and he will inform you to go live.

Now, what do you have to do after going live? You have to sit live for 1 hour and 5 minutes daily. When you will sit the required time daily, then your 1 valid day would be calculated. And in 24 hours you can have only one valid day, and in this period you can not do 2,3, or 4 valid days. If you sit live so many hours, then that hours would be counted. To get 1 valid day, you have to sit continuously without any break, and that person would sit live daily, who had got registration to be live on this platform.

For the females, who don’t want to show their face, they can come in hijab or can wear masks in front of the camera. If you are Live and for some time you disappeared from the scene, or you have moved your camera to the fan hanged on the roof, and you are smoking before the camera during Live, or you are sharing any sexual or unwanted content, then your Live would be banned.

I advise you here, you should come to Live that time when you are totally free and you have no other work or tension in your mind, that will be beneficial for you, otherwise, you will not get any profit from here.

You can distribute your 15 days live in one as you may sit Live on an alternate day, not daily or as you feel free, you can complete these 15 days in one month. I shall also tell you the payment according to the target. Timing is 40 hours, Days are 15 days and your target starts from 1000 basic. And if you increase from 1000, you will get more profit.

Now I tell you some extra points, some of the people might join this platform at the end of the month, as after 20th or 25th, then they may be thinking that how we will get payment, but here I tell you clear that their payment clearance would be set from 1st to the last date of the month. If anyone comes at the end of the month, then the progress and calculations would be started from the 1st date of the month. You can not get paid by only achieving the target, but you also have to complete timing too.

Now let’s discuss Snack Video Live Policy. First of all, you have to move from bottom to top, you may see at the end there is the First target of Host Level is S1 and Scoin Target is 1000, Valid days/hours are 15/4, Withdraw is 10 dollars, Fixy Pay is 20 dollars and Rewards are 10 dollars, the total dollars you will get here are 40 dollars. Check out the Snack Video Live Policy in the following picture.

Snack Video Live Policy


If you do your timing and complete your Scoin target complete, then your Withdraw, Fixpay, and Rewards become your Total Income of these 40 dollars. Now we are converting 40 dollars into Pakistani Rupees, which is 6688.62 dollars according to the dollars rate today. Check out the earned money in Pakistani Rupees in the following picture.


dollar to pkr

Now check out Second Target S2 Host Level, which is 3000 Scoin Target, if you complete this target, then your salary would be 3000, and Fix Pay would be 50 dollars and the Reward would be 10 dollars and the total income of your work is 90 dollars.

Don’t worry here about income, you will be given your total earned income, your Scoin pay is in Withdraw section, when you complete your target before Withdraw section, Valid days, Target then you will get all the things till the total income, which is 90 dollars. I think you may have understood till here, and as much as you will complete your target, you will get much amount from this Live. If you will have 3 diamonds, then you will get 1 Scoin. When anyone sends you 3000 diamonds then you will have 1000 Scoin. In a simple way, you may understand that if I send you 3 diamonds, then you will get 1 Scoin.

So you have to sit Live as much time as you can become online. Your income depends upon your Live session. This application is offering very good packages. I have tried so many other Live applications and have made so many videos on it on my YouTube channel. I have been Admin also in different apps, but I have never seen the good packages than this application.

If your ID is banned for any reason, then you will not be able to come live for seven days, and the management of the Snack Video will tell you the reason for the ban in the notification area. Sometimes your violations become big, then your id would be banned and cannot be recovered or unbanned. Then you will not be able to reopen your that Id. So try to follow the rules and regulations of this application, as you remain Live and continue to work on this app, and earn a smart amount from here.

Following is my video, in which I have told practically about all this process.


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