How To Earn Online In Pakistan


One can earn online through using various apps without doing any huge investments.

In this article, we will discuss various apps for online earning.

1) By using YouTube:

  • One can easily get money by making a YouTube channel.
  • It is very simple to have a YouTube channel.
  • Firstly make a Gmail account by signing into Google.
  • Use that particular Gmail account only for your YouTube channel.
  • Don’t use this Gmail to log in to any other app.
  • Upload videos on your channel.
  • After getting 1000 subscribers, you can earn a profit.
  • It will monetize your YouTube channel.
  • Monetizing means ads will be run on the video which you uploaded.
make money online
make money online

2) By using Facebook:

  • As shown in the above picture, you can use Facebook to earn dollars.
  • You can use the canvas application to create cards, logos, banners, and even CVs.
  • Mention your skills regarding any work.
  • You can avail yourself a job according to your interest by using Facebook
  • People post about different jobs on Facebook.
  • Facebook can thus be used to find online jobs.
  • Joins different group’s through Facebook.
  • For example, if you are good at a making CV then, the client who wants to make a CV can connect with you through Facebook.
  • Selling subscribers can also be made you earn money by using Facebook and the SMNL panel.

3) By using WhatsApp

  • Whatsapp business can be used to sell products. 
  • A CATALOGUE is there for this purpose.
  • In CATALOGUE you can mention what kinds of products you have for sale, as shown below.
  • You can also use WhatsApp to add status for the promotion and selling of different products.
  • Various companies hire workers for this proposal.
  • Customers in your contact list can reach the product by viewing your WhatsApp status.
  • Products details can also be shared with various Whatsapp groups.
make money online 2022
make money online 2022

4) By using the snack video app: It is a reference base earning.

  • You can earn 140 rupees by referring someone.
  • For this one must join by using the link sent by you.
  • Firstly download the app on your phone through the play store.
  • Sign up to make a new account as shown below.
how to make passive income online
how to make passive income online


Website Link Here


  • You can get the option of coins by signing into the account.
  • Put the invitation code.
  • Putting an invitation code will make to able to earn money.
  • One cannot use him on the invitation code.
  • To earn money you have to add the invitation code of a different user.
  • Thus a cycle is generated by sending invitation codes to your various contacts.
  • More the addition of your code by other users, greater the amount of money collected
  • You can generate maximum Money by maximum share of your video by other users.
  • You can also get a treasure box as a reward and this will give you 380 rupees, as shown below.
 free ways to make money
free ways to make money

5) By using OLX:

  • Everyone knows that OLX is a buying and selling app.
  • You can sell various products and earn money.

6) By using the smoker app.

  • It is a link shortener website.
  • The link of any video, article, and application, etc. can be shortened through this website.
  • Sending the shortened link will generate commission for you.
  • You get the commission with the ads they run on the website.
  • Earning depends upon views.
  • The greater the views, the greater is the rupees you earn.
  • For instance, you can get 1 dollar on 1000 views.
  • You tuber can easily earn money by shortening its video links.
  • If you are not a YouTube, you can share the links in your Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
  • Thus, you can get rupees by getting more clicks on your link.
  • The use of this website is simple.
  • Just sign in by searching smoker on google.
  • Create an account by putting your user name.
  • Add your email in the given portion of the email.
  • Manage your password.
  • Register yourself by clicking the option of I agree.
  • Click the option of a new shortened link to generate a new link as shown in the picture below.
  • The option of statistics will provide you with the information of your earning details.
  • Put all the information and fill the website.
  • Select the country name.
  • Choose the withdrawal through jazz cash etc.
  • Put your phone number on the option of withdrawal account.
  • Finally, click the potion of submitting, and your profile is on the website.
  • Now you can shorten links and generate money.
  • A person cannot withdraw rupees until he has 5 dollars in his wallet.
make money online worldwide
make money online worldwide


7) By using Streamkar app:

  • Install the Streamkar app by downloading it through the play store.
  • Create your profile by adding your details.
  • You can log in by using your phone number or any Google account.
  • You can share statuses, and the live streaming option is also present.
  • By clicking the option of earning, you can see beans.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • You can be an official talent by collecting 2 lakh beans.
  • People below 18 cannot participate in official talent.
  • If you want to gather beans, then pick out the option of top-up.
  • It will then give you an option to select easy paisa or any other source.
  • The number of beans and their price are also mentioned there.
  • You can also gather coins by using my talk’s option daily.
  • You can also earn money by sending messages and gifts using the options.
  • All the pictures related to the various steps involved are given below for your ease.


make money from home with no money
make money from home with no money


Website Link here


Be aware:

Remember to have lots of opportunities to earn online nowadays. The thing matters are how eager you are to earn. Opportunities come up with responsibilities. Your responsibility as an online earner is to be punctual with your task. All the apps through which you can earn money as discussed, have some criteria to follow. You have to follow some criteria. Improve your skills and work hard. Give proper time as initially, it is not easy to generate profit.

Many users get disheartened when they don’t get enough profit what they expected. As I told it takes time, and once you get an expert, you can generate the maximum amount of revenue. It will then become a source of permanent earning for you. It also does not require huge investments like other businesses.

How to create a YouTube channel

So, good luck, Goodbye.

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