How To Earn By Using A Mobile Phone

How to earn by using a mobile phone

How to earn by using a mobile phone, If you are not a professional; you are a beginner; then you can follow the steps that I will teach you. 

If you are already working on a mobile phone, you can do the same work. 

That is not for you.

I will tell you some applications; you can use these applications and earn well. The first application is that; everyone is using. Although, the second application is CANVA.

CANVA is used for online photo editing. By using this application, you can earn well. Here are some options for online editing. You can sell your services online. The first service is Resume.

RESUME making:

You can select a theme. In CANVA, a lot of themes are available.

You can edit this picture. Add the information accordingly.

Change the picture. Edit all information. After editing, you can download it.

You can use a resume for yourself and your colleagues.

In Pakistan, the cost of a Resume is between 250-300 rupees. You can use it as a profession.

How to earn by using a mobile phone

Choose a channel with fewer followers.

Email them that I can design a logo for your YouTube channel. Do not choose a channel with million followers.

These are very basic. But after some time, you will be professional.


For this, you need a laptop for GIG making.

The popular service is logo designing.

Design logos and earn. Cards:

One can make business cards with the Canva. You can also make cards other than business. Edit everything as per customer requirements.


You can also make certificates on this Website. Just edit the given data and paste your data; after that, you can download the certificate picture.


Search for logo, choose sports logo, and then touch on see all. You can make it for yourself and your client.

Select a logo. I select a football logo. You can change the football picture. Edit it and insert your data and download it.

By all these, you learn skills.

Now I will tell you How to earn”?

Join Facebook groups:

I will tell you some Facebook groups that you can join. Join “Pakistan freelancers”.

Check their page many people in search of Resume making, card making professionals. You can make the clients and earn.

If it disturbs your ego that you are commenting “I can do that work”, you can make a separate Facebook account for this purpose.


Search for gaming. Choose filter “channels”.


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