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POPO LIVE is a social media application and live streaming platform that allows users to connect with others in the world through real-time video broadcasting and audio streaming. It’s primarily used for live streaming and watching live streams, with features such as interactive comments and virtual gifts(sending gifts that will give points). 

Features of the POPO LIVE application:

Live streaming:

Users can live stream their activities, performances, or daily life and interact with their viewers in real time. Live streams have two types. Video stream and audio stream.

The video stream will give you more real-time money while audio streams give less money.


How to earn from poppo live app
How to earn from poppo live app


Virtual gifts:

Viewers can send virtual gifts to streamers to show their appreciation. These gifts can be purchased with in-app currency or real money.


Users can comment on live streams and chat with other viewers.

Following and followers:

Users can follow other users, and other users can follow them. The more followers a user has, the more popular their live streams are likely to be.

Group chats:

Users can join or create group chats with other users to discuss specific topics or interests.

Pre-recorded content:


Users can also watch pre-recorded videos on the app.

Overall, POPO LIVE is a platform that aims to provide a social and interactive experience for users through live streaming and social networking.


Now the main thing is how can we earn from this application. you can only earn when you will have an account on this application.


All you need is to do

  1. Download the POPO LIVE app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app, and click on the “Register” or “signup” button.
  3. Choose to sign up with your phone number or Google account.
  4. Enter your phone number, or Google account and create a password.
  5. Verify your phone number or Google account with the code sent to you.
  6. Choose a username for your profile and profile picture.
  7. Complete your profile of POPO LIVE and add a short bio or any other information and thing you would like to share.
  8. Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to start using POPO LIVE. Keep in mind that you may need to link your account to a payment method if you want to purchase virtual gifts or other in-app items.
  9. Males and females have different accounts benefits. A female streamer can go live from the very first time of joining. While males have to complete ten levels to go for live streaming. 
  10. To reach ten levels, males have to complete some tasks that are given on the application or go to other streamers’ live streams. He can comment on live streams to earn points. 
  11. Face verification is an important twist in the account creation level. Everyone has to verify their face to complete the profile.
  12. No male can create the account of a female.


An important question is how much can a streamer earn from Popo live application. so here is the answer:

The amount of money a user can earn from POPO LIVE depends on several factors. These factors include the number of followers they have, the popularity of their live streams, and the number of virtual gifts they receive from viewers. 

Virtual gifts can be purchased with real money by other streams and from the agency, and then sent to the streamer as a form of appreciation that you like their streams.

POPO LIVE offers different levels of earnings to its streamers, which are based on the number of virtual gifts(these are points) they receive. These levels range from “Rookie” to “Super Star”, and higher levels offer more benefits, and lower levels offer fewer benefits and less percentage of revenue.

It is important to note that earning money from live streaming is not guaranteed, and success on the platform requires a lot of hard work and dedication. 


Users should also be aware that POPO LIVE takes a percentage of the revenue earned from gifts, so the actual amount earned by the streamer will be less than the total amount of virtual gifts received. Application owners can get some commission from each transaction.


To withdraw earnings from POPO LIVE, you need to meet certain requirements and follow these steps:

Meet the minimum earnings requirement that is one dollar: POPO LIVE sets a minimum earnings requirement before users can withdraw their earnings. This minimum varies by region and can be found in the profile section by clicking on your profile picture bottom right side.

Link a payment method: Before you can withdraw your earnings, you need to link a payment method to your POPO LIVE account. This is available in your profile section. Payment methods may include bank accounts and TRON TRC-20 which is a crypto wallet. With a bank account, you can also get your money in Easypaisa and JazzCash.

Submit a withdrawal request: Once you have a minimum of one dollar and linked a payment method, you can submit a withdrawal request through the “Earnings” section of the app. You can add your crypto address in the payment method or add your bank account or add Easypaisa and jazz cash account numbers.

Wait for processing: After you submit a withdrawal request, POPO LIVE will review and process the request. This process can take twenty-four hours to complete. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes to complete a request.

Receive your earnings: Once your withdrawal request has been processed, your earnings will be deposited into your linked payment account. Some amount of your earnings will be deducted from your wallet as a fee.

It is important to note that POPO LIVE may charge fees for withdrawal transactions, and the amount you receive may be subject to taxes or other deductions. The app shows the amount of deduction on the top or below each payment method.

How to become agent

Link Here 


  • POPO LIVE has different limitations for male and female users, particularly the types of content they are sharing on the platform. These limitations are based on your region and cultural norms in the countries where the app is available. 
  • Female users: In some countries, female users may not be allowed to share certain types of content, such as explicit or suggestive content, or content that shows too much skin like in Muslim countries. Female users may also be required to wear appropriate clothing during live streams.
  • Male users: Male users may also have to be aware. Each streamer should have respect. The app does not allow the streamer to show sexual activity on the live stream. 


I hope this article provides each and all about this streaming application. With chat, you can connect with the world.

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