How to Earn money by uploading photos?

Earn money by uploading photos:

Earn money by uploading photos, That is a technique by which we can earn money by uploading pictures. At present, we waste a lot of time simply scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, and other social applications. Is it not cool to spend this time on a valuable thing? Spend this time uploading photos on a given website. That will provide you with almost 2900$ per month. With little effort, you can get an amount of money. 

A lot of people do this work and upgrade lifestyles. If you want to earn money, then read this article carefully. I will tell you a lot of techniques and tricks that will help you to; get income with a little effort. If you upload pictures as you download from somewhere, this will not give you money. Firstly, you have to adopt some tricks that enhance your chances of growing well. 

Secondly, you have to work hard and be consistent. Thirdly, you can earn millions by doing this simple technique.

Let’s start this.

Earn money by uploading photos
Earn money by uploading photos

How to become a contributor?

Firstly, create an image.

Secondly, submit this image to the website.

Thirdly, you will get paid for your contribution.

Fourthly, If you refer this website to someone, you will get paid extra.


Those people; who contribute to this website get one billion dollars in fifteen years.


Plans for this website:

This website offers you some plans. Some plans are expensive. 

You can start with the cheapest one. 

This plan gives you almost 2900$ dollars per month. It is easy to get a hundred customers in one month. 

That website will give you almost every trick that will provide you with money. Firstly, you have to follow every rule on this website. You will get paid after that.

The website will give you levels. This first level is that; in which you get fifteen percent per picture. If you upload more photos, you will get paid more.

The website is Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is a website where people buy pictures. Royal people use the money for their blogs and their magazines. Unique images are required for magazines and blogs. Those people who publish their books need uniqueness in pictures.

Firstly, you do not need a camera or smartphone.

Secondly, you will download pictures from the internet.

Thirdly, upload that pictures to Shutterstock. 

In Shutterstock, you can see progress on your pictures on the dashboard. You can see the public on your dashboard.


That is a unique trick. Firstly, open a calendar. Secondly, read all the upcoming events. Thirdly, see all the important events coming forward. Upload the pictures accordingly. People search for images of the event. Suppose I am saying tomorrow is the “ world cancer day”. People will search for “world cancer day”. Fourthly, download the picture accordingly.


Pixels is a website that has thousands of pictures. Firstly, select a picture that you want to download. Download this picture.

Secondly, download a picture that does not have any person in the frame—download neutral images.


That is free software. An online editing application. You can edit the picture as you want to edit it. Upload the image that you download from pixels. Add some visuals to this picture. That will enhance the uniqueness of your image. Shutterstock will not recognize this picture as you download it from pixels.


How to create an account on Shutterstock?

Firstly, signup up for their account. Add your email and password.

Secondly, add your necessary information, like country code, address, etc.

After this procedure, you can upload your picture on this platform.

how to earn money online shutterstock
how to earn money online

When you set everything, your dashboard will look like this. 

Shutterstock Link Here

At this point you did not upload a single picture, that is why your income is zero.



This is a very simple trick. You can generate a good amount of money with this website. You need to do hard work. Hard work will pay you off. All the given websites are secure to use. You can work on them free of cost. Make your images unique by adding some visuals to them. These visuals attract clients. The more people download the image, the more you will generate money. The dashboard will show your income. You can withdraw your income whenever you want.



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