How to earn money by watching ads

How to earn money by watching ads

Earn money by watching ads

I am going to share some methods by which a person can earn money by watching ads. The application is 100% genuine. Everyone can trust this application. There are 4 to 5 ways in which a person can earn money online without investment. If you want to earn through all the five techniques you can grow. With investment, you will get more benefits. Your income will be 66% higher with investment. You will earn 33% without investment. But now I suggest you do not invest. Firstly, I will invest and then recommend you all to invest. There is no restriction to invest. There is a maximum of 10 to 15 dollars investment. Not more than that. 

About website:

This is a freelancing website. You can add your skills in this application like content writing, marketing, graphic designing, web development, art and craft fashion designing, interior designing, video animation and data, business, and many more. On this website, you will see multiple people’s reviews who worked there and earn. If a person wants to do this work as a professional, he must be skillful. Therefore, you can add your skills to this application. A person started their services at low costs at first. However, after getting good reviews a person can increase the price of his services.

How to create an account:

By a simple method, you can create your account.

Firstly: choose your username. The username should be unique enough that no one already used this username. I am going to write about Mooti4u. That is my website name and the unique one.

Secondly: write a valid E-Mail address. The address you are using in your daily life so that you can get notifications.

Thirdly: select a unique password. Input the password 2nd time to confirm the password.

Fourthly: the application gives you two options: either you want to hire or want to work. You are looking for work. Select the 2nd option that is “want to work”.

In the end, click on JOIN NOW.

You may join the application with Instagram and Facebook.

If you are already a member of the application then click on login.

After joining, they send you a Mail. Confirm that Mail and “click on the dashboard”.

When you start your profile, you must confirm your mail. The website sends you a confirmation Mail. Input the confirmation code in the box and confirm your email.

How to earn money by watching ads
How to earn money by watching ads

What are gigs:

The gig is a type of advertisement for your work. If you want to sell something or want to provide something. You will attractively publish your service so that buyers will come to you. These are called gigs on freelancing websites. Skills are necessary if you want to become a professional. You will see multiple ads when you scrolled the application; cancel those.

If any of you has skills, he would have used this type of application or website before.

As I have shown you above in a picture how many have your active gigs, pending gigs, orders, and many more.

If you have skills then click on CREATE A GIG.

How to complete the profile of the gig?

Firstly: click on the camera option and input your profile picture.

Secondly: “Explain your story in one line”. Write something unique here.

Thirdly: Share your experience. Tell them about your skills in a good way.

Fourthly: Give a description.

Fifthly: Select your language command.

Input your social media accounts of Google, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and many others.

Tell them about your educational background, your certificates, and your skills.

After your gig, you will receive orders. If a buyer comes to your profile, he will first check your information. When he is satisfied, he will give you an order or buy your service. 

How to earn free:

The most awaited part of the article is how to earn free without investment and any skill. Now I am going to discuss all these things.

  1. Make money by visit advertisements:
  2. Earn by data entry:
  3. Earn by posting in the forum:
  4. Win by Facebook sharing


Earn money by visit advertisement:

Click on the tab and click on the view ad. You have to watch the complete ad. you do not do this. You will not earn money. The website tells us how much time you have to watch the ad.

Business People run their business through ads. They pay you through ads.

Earn by data entry: 

Write numbers and alphabets. You have to type them in the box given. These may be captcha or other things. Fill them correctly. The website will credit your wallet.

Earn by posting in the forum:

You will replay on the forums. Your reply should be two to three lines long. If you replay shortly, the website will not credit your money. Write in a good way and post.

You see all the categories like content writing, marketing, graphic designing, web development, art and craft fashion designing, interior designing, video animation and data, business, and many more. You replay in yes or no. The website will not give you money.

Earn by Facebook sharing:

Three links will be given to you daily. Here you will give your Facebook name, Facebook link, and the numbers of your friends on Facebook. 

  1. Facebook friends should be more than three thousand. 
  2. Facebook accounts should be active. 
  3. An inactive account will not give you money.


These are four methods of free earning. This website is very effective. If you work hard, you will pay off. These four methods are a source of free earning.  If you give some time to the website.

you earn well. I suggest you give some time to this website. Each service and the Facebook ad has a specific amount of money. When you watch an ad, the amount will be credited to your account instantly. After some time, you can withdraw the amount. If you have skills, you would have earned more. If you invest in this website, you will gain 99% profit.

Download The application from the link given below


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