How To Earn Money From WhatsApp

How To Earn Money From WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application. A person can chat via messages, audio calls, and video calls. Here are some applications that will give you money when you talk and call others.

These applications give you some extra money.

You can earn hundreds of dollars with these applications.

They pay you in dollars.

You can withdraw them by some methods.

Some applications offer you PayPal withdrawal, and some offer methods other than PayPal. By using these payment methods, you can withdraw your earning.

I will teach you about those apps, and tell them how to use those applications.


  • That is an application that will pay you when you are texting someone.
  • It gives money on voice calls and gives extra money when you are on video calls.
  • They will pay you in minutes.
  • If you are on a voice call, they will pay you 1.3$ per minute.
  • If you are on the video call, they pay you more than two dollars.

Someone is watching your video, you get

  • If you are on a video call and you are talking to ten people for ten minutes, you get two hundred and fifty dollars.
  • If you are messaging thirty people and telling them about the stuff you are selling, you receive one hundred and fifty dollars.
  • Therefore, if you are on a voice call, and you are talking to ten people, you will get one hundred and thirty dollars.

Key features:

  • It is a very flexible application, you decide how much you want to earn. There is no restriction.
  • There are no time restrictions. You can work whenever you want to do.
how to earn money from whatsapp
how to earn money from WhatsApp
  • They provide you with a universal link that link will be available worldwide. You can send this video to anyone to get more traffic.
  • You can set your fees for each communication.
  • This application gives you instant money. 
  • A person can also earn money by sending his videos. The more people watch your videos, the more you get money.
  • This application is widely available one can download it from the play store. The pros and cons of the video will also be available in o play store. You can read the comments of people. Either they like the application or not.


how to make money
how to make money

In this section, you will see a lot of questions related to privacy, money-making, and other questions also available. Here is the application that will tell you whether their phone number will show to that person or not.

The conversation is private or not?

Why should I have to give my information to the application?

Those types of questions are available in the FAQ section. You can get complete information about the application.


Website Link Here


When do you get paid?

You will get paid when you start a conversation with someone.

They will pay you for each second of the call. 

When you will provide the final answer to the message, you get paid.

Each call you pick up will give you money.

It will take time to reach the amount in your bank account. And takes two to ten working days. Also depends upon the country where you live. 

It also depends on the money,” how much money do you want to withdraw”?

When you download the application, you will see a lot of people do not like this application. But, people said that I did not receive my money. I was not able to log in to my account again.

Mc Money:

You can get money by receiving messages on your mobile. When you receive an SMS, you will get paid. This application wants to improve communication among people.

They send you random text messages so, they can test applications and ranks high.

This application only works for Android users the apple users can not use this application.

Your data will be safe and secure in this application. This application will not sell your data.


You can withdraw money when you have six dollars in your wallet. There are many payment methods available. Now they will also pay you in bitcoin. You will get paid in papal. Those countries that do not have PayPal, can money in bitcoins.

When you see the app reviews, some people said, they will pay money.

That application is developed by 

That is a great company. 

They also protect the privacy of others.

Eagle dial:

That is a simple application. This application also pays you for voice and video calls. This application also provides you with the link. 

A person can share this link with your customers. 

They will call and message you. 

You will get paid for each minute. 

The public can answer calls from the web. 

You can not answer the calls from the mobile phone.

In this application, you can tell people how much you charge from a person. You can change a person according to your demand.

Do not need to install an application for this work. You only need to do work on the desktop browser.

The good thing is that their voice and video calls are encrypted. Your privacy will be safe in this application. You do not need to worry about your voice and video calls.

In their FAQ section, you will see those countries where this application is in work. You can check whether this application is available in your country or not. 


  • I suggest you spend little time because time is money. Therefore, I suggest you go to Facebook. Go to the search tab. Write “social media manager”. There are a lot of goods. You can choose anyone. 
  • Here you can provide a good piece of information and provide a link. 
  • So that people can contact you. You will get paid due to this. More people contact you, more you earn money. That is a great way to get traffic on your applications. 
  • One more thing is youtube. 
  • You can make good videos, and provide links in the description box. 
  • People will contact you. 
  • You will get more and more traffic from these two sites.
  • Third, you can make a small video and post it on TikTok. People will see your video and contact you. That is also a way to get traffic on your application.

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