How To Make Money On Shutterstock

Making Money On Shutterstock

That is an easy method of online earning on Shutterstock. 

At the start, you may earn a small amount of money, like ten to fifteen dollars. 

But later, you can earn thousands of dollars. If you work on this, you will get a good amount of money.

How Does Shutterstock Make Money

People do not pay much attention to this work. They will click pictures and not sell those pictures. 

When you go on Shutterstock, you will see a shortlist of topics. The website offers those topics that are on top this month. There are a lot of different topics. 

That is a famous topic nowadays. 

Because of the covid situation. That is a rare condition to go back to school. These pictures generate a good amount of money. When people saw this image, they said, hey! I need this. Many businesses need this picture to promote their business.

how much money can you make on shutterstock

Shutterstock Sell Photos:

I will show you another picture that is related to drinking. The summer season is about to start. There is extreme demand for a cold drink in summers. The business owners buying the pictures with a cold drink are in demand. That is a logo business. 

The business of bars. That is a picture that will give you real money.

shutterstock sell photos

This is the wedding season. So, everyone wants the theme of his wedding to be as good as possible. There are a lot of wedding themes or logos on this website. You can select these. 

You can click those types of pictures and sell these pictures accordingly.


People earn hundreds of dollars in just one day. You can search for many types of things related to the wedding. 

Here you can create different types of logos. 

You can search for: 

wedding cards

wedding couples

wedding cakes You can also search for wedding dresses pictures.

You can contact business owners directly, and you can also recommend Shutterstock.

making money on shutterstock

Affiliate Program:

People join this website by joining their affiliate program.

If you recommend someone to join Shutterstock, you will get three hundred dollars per sale.

Many people search on google about stock photos. There are a lot of photos available on google. You can check those.


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