How To Make Money On YouTube By Copying And Pasting

Make money on Social media by copy-pasting:

How To Make Money On YouTube By Copying And Pasting. You do not need to show your face on camera or need something related to the video

A person only needs to copy and paste videos on youtube. I will tell you each and everything step by step. For this, you have to read this article carefully. I hope after this article, you can earn a lot of money. 

So, Let’s begin:

make money online
make money online

As you see above person, earn a lot of money by just copy-paste. So, the wait is over: I will tell you about this copy-paste work. 

How can you copy videos from youtube without demonetization of your channel?

make money copying youtube videos
make money copying youtube videos

The picture above is proof that you can copy someone’s video from youtube. This content will be monetized by youtube. First of all: 

you have to search for “how to get six-pack abs?” then go to filters and search for CREATIVE COMMONS.

Creative  Commons is a license that will permit you to use video without copyright claims. That video can be used and edited by someone another.

If you entertain someone with videos, you will get little money. But if you entertain + educate people, you will double your money.

Convert to MP4
Convert to MP4

How To Copy And Paste

Now go to youtube and type “how to get six-pack abs” Select the first video.

  1. Convert to MP4:

Copy the video link, go to google, and type “convert to MP4”.

That will open a new page.

Paste the link to the video and download the video in MP4. You can not paste the same video on youtube back. You have to make this video unique. For this, you have to add uniqueness to the video. Add some visuals and videos to the downloaded video. That will add uniqueness to your video. So, you can go to an application that is Pexels.

  1. PEXELS:

That is a site from which: you can download multiple pictures and videos related to your content.

So my video is related to fitness, I will type “fitness” in the search bar. That will show a lot of videos related to fitness.

Select any video that you like.

Download that video.

You can download multiple videos that will make your video unique.


How To Edit Videos For Youtube

how to make money from watching youtube videos
how to make money from watching youtube videos

By typing “free video editing software” on google. 

Multiple software will be available.

Select any of these. Do not invest in buying software. Start with free software. Add as many clips as you can. That will add uniqueness to your video.

After editing the video, you will search for keywords. The keywords will help people to search for content.



This website will give you the best keywords for your content. Type “How to get six-pack abs?”

The website will show you the traffic on keywords.

“How to get six-packs at home?” will attract more traffic. So I use this as my title video.

After that, you will upload your video

Requirements of youtube to get monetized:

youtube earning
youtube earning

When you upload a video on youtube, you will have to fulfill some requirements. After this, you will get paid.

Make Money On YouTube By Copying And Pasting

Other Platforms Like YouTube
  • Rumble:

Rumble is a platform where you do not need to get monetized.

Here you upload videos, and rumble will be paid you: based on views.

For this, you need to signup for a rumble account.

Your earnings will show in your profile.


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The more videos you upload, the more money you will earn. You do not need subscribers on Rumble like on youtube.

  • Dailymotion:

A person can earn money from DailyMotion as well. Upload the same; video you uploaded on youtube.

If you get good views, your channel will monetize. 

You will get paid for your video based on views.

Your earnings will be available on your profile.

Choose thumb-nail and title according to your video. 

The video uploading procedure is the same as on youtube.

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  • Facebook:

Facebook is another platform from which you watch different types of videos.

Download some videos.

Add some uniqueness to these videos.

Upload it on youtube, rumble, and daily motion.

You can generate a good amount of money by doing this simple copy-paste method.

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  • Vimeo

Vimeo is a platform like YouTube on which you can put your videos and watch other people’s videos. One can earn good money by uploading your video on this platform. If you do not want to show your face then download a video from youtube and upload it on Vimeo.
Choose a Create commons video.

  1. Download that video.
  2. Edit it with good visuals.
  3. Upload in Vimeo.
  4. This platform will give you money based on your views.
  5. The more views you get, the higher money you will earn.

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I told you about different platforms for earning. Here you can generate some extra income. You can upgrade your car, an apartment, and plan a tour. is a simple method of earning. You can earn by doing just a few things. The work is not time-consuming. Need a little effort. 

If you do not know the procedure, watch the full video.

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