How To Make Money Online With Digital Assets

Make Money By Digital Assets

You can make money with digital assets. You can earn money by making E-books online. There is a lot of software that can create online eBooks. You can earn money by creating eBooks. These books may be a storybook, comic book, or sketchbook.

I will tell you about a website that will teach you about eBooks. That will tell you everything about e-Book earnings.


That is a website that will teach you about eBook making. Here you can create your own business of book writing. And generate revenue through these books.

You can get thousands of themes on this website from where you can customize your book. You can create according to your taste.

A person can write any book on this website. You can write flight information, family information, comic books, or storybooks. It is up to you what type of book you want to write.

They offer a lot of things like:

  • Product database and trend hunter
  • The most powerful keyword research tool on the market
  • Listing optimization

They offer a lot of simple designs for books. 

They offer more than a million types of images for books. 

These images are free of cost.

To utilize all the characteristics of the website, you have to click on the start button. This website is completely free. You have to join the book bolt for money generation.

Make Money By Digital Assets
Make Money By Digital Assets


When you click on the start button, you see a lot of videos that will teach you. You can follow the steps in these videos and start writing the book.

After that, you have to click on the cloud option that is available on the top right side. This page will take you to the category page. Here you will search for the category of a book for which you will write. Either you want to write a storybook or a comic book.

Suppose I will search for a comic book. You can adjust the price range. At what price, do you want a comic book. Now click on the search button. Now you will see a huge list of comic books. These books are available at different prices. You will see different types of comic books.

How To Make Money Online With Digital Assets
How To Make Money Online With Digital Assets


  • In the middle of the picture, there is a comic story-based book that will be published in 2019. Its price is ten dollars. This seller sells around four hundred books in a month. It generates hundreds of dollars in a month. When you scroll down to this page, you see a lot of available books. 
  • You can create as many books as you want with digital assets. 
  • When you copy the ASIN number from the book details, you can paste this number into Amazon. The price and buying details will be given on amazon. You can also buy this book. This book is delivered all over the world. 
  • The seller did not tell a story but after this people buy this book. There is only the front and back page of the book. You can also create a front and back page. On this website, you can create customized pages of different colors. You can also create different types of designs. You can choose the best temples. 
  • But I am going to choose another application for the creation of front and back pages. I will use CANVA for this. This is a free application. You can create the best pages for your books. 
  • Here I will search for COVER PAGE. You will see a lot of designs for your book. You can choose whatever you want to.


how to make a digital business
how to make a digital business


I will tell you about another eBook that is a sketchbook. Here you can earn money without writing a book. You can only sell blank papers. This is an easy way of learning. You can earn without writing a single work. People buy sketchbooks a lot. 

Here you will choose a sketchbook. You will see a lot of people selling sketchbooks.

make money selling digital products
make money selling digital products


How to write a sketchbook:

  • Now I will tell you “How to create a sketchbook?”.  
  • For this, you have to change the category from comic to sketch. 
  • After that, you will choose the page count. I will select 120 pages for my sketchbook.
  • Secondly, you will choose the paper length. I am going to copy the best seller’s page length which is 8.5*11. That is the recommended page length. 
  • Thirdly, you will choose whether this is a blank page or the page with a lining. That is a sketchbook so, a person will select the blank page.
  • Now use this website or CANVA and create a good design for the front and back cover page. 
  • I recommend you to use Canva. You can use another if you want. 
  • Download this in a pdf form and this will be a sketchbook. You can also post it on AMAZON. That will give you huge revenue.
  • If you want to earn thousands of dollars in a month, you can create your eBooks. This small business will give you a lot of money. You can write storybooks or sketchbooks and sell them. If three hundred people buy your book in a month then, it will be a good start for a bigger one. If you want to create five or six books at least, you can write them and sell them. It will generate good money.
  • Through these digital assets, you can generate a good amount of money. You can write a storybook. In this application, the seller only shows you the front and back page of the book. You don’t even know a single word of the story. After all these things, people buy storybooks.
  • You can buy Sketchbooks for almost forty to fifty dollars. On Amazon, you will buy it only for five to six dollars. That is why people buy books on amazon other than book stores. The things available online are cheap.

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