How to make money online without investment

Earn money without investment

Hey! I am going to tell you something exciting that can improve your lifestyle by getting more money.
You will feel good after this article. This exciting application will give you the maximum money that can
make you independent. By using this application, you can earn around thirty to fifty thousand rupees.
First of all, I am going to introduce the application. The name of this application is Zarya. This is
something like an E-commerce application. From this application, you can get profit by selling products
to others. The use of this application is very easy. If you want some extra income, you should do it. If you
are a housewife or want to do a part-time job, you can download this application.

Earn money without investment

I am going to share five major steps that you have to do.
First, install the application from Google Playstore.
Second, After installing the application, you have to register it with your mobile number.
An OTP will be created for your phone number. Put that OTP in the application. you have done with
the registration.
Will complete your registration, you can see a dashboard on your mobile phone. there are a
a lot of categories on the application.
Thirdly, The Question is “how to use the application?”
 Open the categories.
 Select any category. If you want to sell clothes. Just select a product. Open it. Copy the
description. Select the share button. Send the description to your clients or loved ones.

If someone selects a product, you can add this product to your cart.
Go to cart.
Select “customer ko deliver ko deliver karain”.
Select your “PROFIT QUANTITY”.
Click on “AGAY”.
Now give the complete details of the customer.
Click on “ORDER KARAIN”.
Order placed.

This order will be delivered directly to the customer.
Fourthly, How do you get profit?
The delivery person will get the total amount from the person.
The profit will be credited to your application. For this purpose, you can give the complete detail of your
account. Click on “apki profile”. Click on “Account”. Enter your complete information. After a week, you
will get your profit. This is an easy way of earning without investment.
Lastly, How do you get customers?

How to make money online without investment

Method 1:
 By sending through WhatsApp.

Select a product and copy with the description and paste it into any application.
Method 2:
By creating a Facebook page:
You can create your page on Facebook. Add pictures of the products. Add description. Give a nice price
to the product.
Method 3:
By creating a website or blog:
This is another method by which you can get customers. Add products to your website or blog. This will
also be a good method to sell your products.


The withdrawal is very easy. You can add your JazzCash and easy paisa in this application. you do not
need an extra application to withdraw. This is a very easy method for the people of Pakistan.

How to make money online

This is amazing dropshipping work. You can earn a good amount of money through this dropshipping.
Dropshipping is available on many well-known websites. Through this, you can create your own business
without any investment. This application is easily available on the google play store. You can launch your
store without investment. If you have any queries regarding this application, you can contact them. They
are available 24/7.  You already have command of this work then well. But if you do not have one, you
can get training. They will assist you. The plus point is that you can withdraw your money in your jazz
cash, easy paisa.

What is amazon dropshipping?


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