How to make money with affiliate marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliated means associated and, the market is where you can buy your needs. The Affiliated market in which a person has associated a company. That person sells the products of company and, company will give him a commission for that product. Everyone can join this affiliated market.


A person sells the products of others and others give him the commission. This is called the affiliated market. There are a lot of ways. You may earn through an amazon affiliate program. Or you have many other websites and apps. 

How to start affiliate marketing:

If you are working with a company and you are using their affiliated programs. You are going to sell their products. Why does a customer want to buy a product from you? You have to choose that product which a customer needs. You have to find the audience that will buy your product using your link. For this, you have to create a website, where you will sell your products. For this, I will tell you the procedure of how to sell products on a website.

Work in the affiliated market if you are a blogger:

If you are a blogger and want to sell something through affiliated marketing then, you can sell my products in your blog.

You will promote my products and if somebody purchases that product. You will get a commission for that product. Through this, you can earn through affiliate marketing as well as a blogger also. Your earning will be doubled through this. Many types of businesspeople will contact you, their main concern will only be to sell products through you.

The commission has two types:

Owner many give you fix the amount of money or it may be in the form of a percentage. Most owners of the products give you a commission lower than ten percent.

But most bloggers earn money through AMAZON-affiliated programs. For this, you have to join the affiliate program.

In the beginning, amazon gives you a higher commission but, now the percentage has decreased a lot. At starting, amazon gives you around five percent, nine percent, and ten percent commission. But in recent times amazon reduce this commission to three point five percent. This is a big loss for bloggers but, Amazon changes its policy.

If I am selling a phone, and I upload the link of that phone. Somebody open the link and did not purchase that phone which I uploaded on my blog. But, buy another something, Amazon will give you the commission of that product. This is a good step from amazon, a person will get money from that product which links you did not upload.

I am going to give you a pro tip. The pro tip is that if you want to join an amazon affiliate program, you need good traffic on your blog.


Traffic From Social Media:

Suppose you recently create your website.

A person is uploading something on your blog. 

But, you did not get enough traffic. 

You will not be successful in the affiliated market. 

In amazon, when you join the affiliate program.

You have to make three sales in six months. So you need good traffic for this purpose. If you recently create the website and join amazon, your six months are wasted because you will not get enough traffic on your website. Amazon will ban your account and, this will be bad for you.

You are not a blogger, you can also earn money.


Joining the Amazon-affiliated program:

If you are not joining the amazon affiliated program. You have many other options. 

You will search in the google tab. 

Search for that specific thing. Like I want to sell a mobile phone. Then I will search for MOBILE AFFILIATE MARKET. 

You will see a lot of websites there. 

But the main issue is these websites have trust issues with Pakistanis and Indians. 

They will not easily accept your account. 

The solution is that you have to write something very effective in your first line. Like you have mostly traffic from America. That is not for writing. Your audience should be from America. They will accept your account. You will get a commission from products if you sell something from your link. There is another option of earning that is cookie click duration.

What is the cookie duration:

Somebody clicks on the link that you provide, and somebody purchases other things from that website, not that product you sell. Like Amazon, you get a commission for the thing you are not selling. The person clicks your given link and buys something other. 

The person has to purchase something from Amazon in twenty-four hours. 

But this duration will be high on other websites. Because people have trust issues from other websites. So the time is high. The maximum time is seven days.

I am going to tell you five websites from where you can earn money.


From this website, you can earn very well. It gives hundreds of dollars per sale at the very beginning. Now they give fifty to sixty dollars per sale. 

For this, you have a little process. You have to signup for their affiliate program. After signup to your account, you can use your link to earn money. Send your link to someone.

when that person signup from your given link, You will receive fifty dollars immediately. 

That is an easy way of earning money. 

I am using this website for a long time.

Your only work on this website is to hook up the customer.

Now I am going to tell you about other websites.

affiliate marketing 2022
affiliate marketing 2022
  • The Getresponse
  • The Semrush
  • The Activecampaign

The above-discussed websites give you a recurring commission. The recurring commission is that in which you will get benefits every month from the website through hook-up customers.

Your only work to do is to hook-up customers with the website. Person renews the package, you will automatically get a commission from that website. This is an easy way of earning good money.

There is another website that is TUBEBUDDY. This website helps YouTubers that how their content ranks higher on youtube. Your only work is to bring clients on Tube buddy.

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