How To Register Family On Snack


Mostly asked questions… Sir! HOW TO REGISTER FAMILY ON SNACK?

I will tell you details on how to register a family on Snack App. Most people ask me, by making a family, how to register it?

  • How can we earn money?
  • How can we earn money by adding people to snack Apps?
  • Those people who already have family and a lot of members also but did not get registered. I will tell every single detail and requirement about how they get registered? How do they survive? How do they help others to survive?

Things to understand for family registration:

 There are many things that you guys need to understand. Do not repeat those mistakes which I did when I was trying to register my family to Snack App. It is necessary to understand each and everything in this article. After reading this article perhaps you would feel helpless that I am not going to register my family on the snack.

Requirements to register a family:

Now I am going to tell procedure and requirements:

  1. Your members must be 100 or more than a hundred. Whether your family members have followers or not, videos or not, that does not matter but your family members must be 100 or more.
  2. You must have at least 30 to 40 creators. Many people do not know what the creator is. Creators are those who have At least 1000 followers on Instagram, YouTube, likee, Facebook page not Facebook ID with face videos on the above-mentioned platforms. Snack does not give salary to its platform followers. It gives salary on other platforms with 1000 followers and faces videos on them. Got it?
  3. I added 1365 people as members of my family at my portal and Hardly 60 to 65 out of 1365 meet the requirements of the snack app.  

Requirement After Registration Family:

  1. If you people do not add 20 active members to your family every month, your family will be terminated and links will be useless. How links will be useless: if in the first month you add 50 active members, with billions of followers of them, in your portal and next month you do not add a single active member or you add 19/20 members in your family. In this condition, your family will also be terminated and the 50 members you added last month, their links will be wasted and useless. The snack app will remove you from official groups. Due to the termination of your family, whether you stay in their official group or not, it does not matter. You cannot get a bonus. When you do not get the bonus, you will not inform your family members. Your members will not register with other families because your link will be already present in the database of the snack App. you cannot get registered with other families as well. Got it?

    snack video app
    snack video app
  2. Firstly, you have to look, how many members came daily? If 5 to 6 active members came daily then well and good. If 50 members came daily then 2 members out of 50 will fulfill the requirements of the snack app. About 500-600 members came to me daily but hardly 30 meet the snack requirements. In these 30, 10 run away, 10 work for me. After adding 500 members to the portal, I told them every requirement but hardly 30 to 40 people passed. Got it? Okay, I am going to repeat the requirements that at least 300 to 400 people have to come to you because 30 to 40 will meet the requirements of Snack. In these 30 people, 5 people will not work, 5 people will not make a video with a snack app camera. So, this will not meet the criteria of the snack app and these members will not remain active members. Who are active members? Active members are those who make videos daily by using snack app cameras. They will have face videos on both apps. 20 active members will have to add to your family
  3. Many people did not qualify the requirements and tasks of the snack app because in a month you have to make 10 face videos with 10 likes,10 comments, and an increase of 50 followers monthly. Those members who will not gain likes, comments and an increase of followers will be disqualified. This causes loss to your family and also the loss to that user. Got it? If you have any confusion, you can contact me, I will tell you everything in detail.

How to add people to the family:

  1. One more thing if any of you want to register your family, you can only send me your snack app link. I will provide you with the official number of snack apps so you can get registered.
  2. Remember! Do not waste the precious link of someone who gets paid from a snack app.
  3. You get 10% from each member. If a member gets the salary of 100 dollars but this is very rare. Most members get 20, 30 dollars, you will get 200 or 300 rupees per member. You will have to add a lot of members. You have to guide them. Too much hard work is necessary then you will get paid and your family will not be terminated when you get registered.
Try to explain everything possible:

I am tired now; I share everything which I know. Perhaps I missed something but I try to deliver every information about requirements and registration.

If someone is willing and says 300 to 400 members come to me daily and I am trying to register a family then contact me.

If someone is saying that I have 30 to 40 members. Unfortunately, he/she has no one who will work.

The Snack App is becoming more and more strict day by day. There is a perception that snacks will not continue to give a fixed salary in the future.

If you want to register your family then contact me via WhatsApp given below. 

Official Number:


This is enough for today. Keep me in your prayers. Take care.

If you did not create your family yet then click on the link below:


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