How To Run Campaigns On Jocial App

How To Run Campaigns On Jocial App

Today I am going to explain, HOW TO RUN CAMPAIGNS ON JOCIAL APP? 

  • If you purchased the plan for 240 dollars, then the price of each campaign will be 15 dollars and 3 ads will be given to you every week. 
  • If you purchased the plan for 60 dollars, the price of each campaign will be 10 dollars and 2 ads will be given to you every week.
How To Run Campaigns On Jocial App
How To Run Campaigns On Jocial App

Which things I will discuss in this article are:

  1. How to select campaigns on the Jocial account?
  2. Whereby to submit campaigns?
  3. Whence to upload them on Facebook?
  4. Wherewith do you change some settings on Facebook and which settings need to be allowed?

I will explain Each and everything in this article so that if you are facing any type of problem regarding Jocial campaigns then you can solve it.

Let’s get started:

Open the Jocial Account:

Your ID will open and you will see INFLUENCER ID and PASSWORD on your mobile screen. This influencer ID cannot be changed but you can change the password.

Go to campaign option:

You will see a dashboard with many options on it. Select “LIVE CAMPAIGN,” and select 2 or 3 campaigns according to your plan. IF your plan is 60 dollars then choose 2 campaigns and if your plan is 240 dollars then choose 3 campaigns.

I am going to explain the whole dashboard which you will see in the Jocial App.

Live campaigns: when clicking this option you see multiple campaigns, select whatever you want to select. You will also see a timer that tells you how much time your campaign will end. Complete your weekly task of campaigns as soon as possible. I recommend you to choose campaigns of 35 days, not more than 35 days, or less than 35 days.

Click on VIEW CAMPAIGNS, and you will see details about campaigns. After that, select the APPLY option. After some time, this campaign will be reviewed by App developers. Don’t worry about that time. Do the same as I did.

Applied: Now these two campaigns went to the APPLIED option. You will see that the number of campaigns will reduce in the LIVE CAMPAIGN option and go to the APPLIED option.  Wait for a while until the campaigns will reach the ACCEPTED option.

Until then I am going to tell you some Facebook settings which need to be allowed.

  • And next Go to SETTINGS.
  • After that Go to AUDIENCE AND VISIBILITY and select all options for the public except your contact Number or maybe Email. I Also set everything to the public except my contact Number.

Accepted: Now campaigns are accepted by the website. 

How to upload campaigns on Facebook:

Simply click on the submit campaigns that I selected and copy the link of campaigns. Download the Image of the Campaign as I did.

If you are unable to download the image. Simply browse the Jocial App and log in as I did. You will see a little bit different in browser and App so don’t worry at all. Login to jocial in the browser and go to your campaign. Now you can easily download the campaign picture. As I downloaded the picture. Back to the jocial app, copy the text of the campaign.

Open the Facebook APP. Upload the picture as you all do in your daily life or do the same as I am doing. Upload a picture of the campaign and long press in the description bar, paste the text you copied and upload campaigns. 

Submitted: Copy the link of the post and upload it to the Jocial App from where you see the option of DOWNLOAD IMAGE. After that click on the option of SEND FOR APPROVAL. This is proof that you successfully uploaded the campaign to Facebook. You have to do the same as I did.

Approved: We successfully submitted our campaign. Whether this will be approved or rejected.

Rejected: If our campaign will be rejected by App then don’t worry. We must have made some mistakes. We will clear the mistake and then resubmit it.

Expired: If we did not run campaigns in time then our campaigns will expire and we will bear the loss.

Things which I discussed:

As you all know I purchased their 60 dollars plan so I will share my withdrawal experience in the next article soon. 

Remember me in your prayers.

Take Care 

Allah Hafiz!


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