Make Money With The Amazon Sellers

Make Money With The Amazon Sellers 

Amazon is an online earning platform that is working worldwide. People sell and buy products on amazon. This platform is available worldwide. The work that I will tells that you can earn almost five hundred dollars per day. That is a big amount of money. 

If you convert dollars into Pakistani rupees, you get almost eighty thousand rupees. 

That work is not time-consuming. If I tell this work to a boy with the age of sixteen years, he will do this work. Therefore, I want that everyone gains benefit from the amazon website.

The first website I will tell you about is the sellics.


This website sells services. This website sells the services of amazon. The person that is selling something on Amazon can get benefits from this website.

make money on amazon
make money on amazon

Affiliate program:

Now the main point is that ”how to earn money from this website”? your main work is to join the affiliate program of the website. Scroll down and you will see the affiliate program. 

Click on the affiliate tab. You will reach a new page.

make money online
make money online

When you reach a new page, you will see some options on the top of the screen.

Select pricing option. Open it.

There are three types of programs.

If somebody is working on amazon, his sale will increase. Now everyone is considering that this is the website, where you get a commission of products. That is improper to refer this website to someone.

If you know a person that sells on Amazon, the only thing is that you will ask him to buy this. 

That will increase his sale. 

There are three plans. 

Three plans have based on the annual system.

what to sell on amazon
what to sell on amazon

If someone is buying a plan of 1249$, the company will repay you the complete money in the first month.

In the second month, the company will give you fifty percent of the total payment. That is an easy method if you want to earn.

Join affiliate program:

Click on the affiliate program of the sellics you see a new page. On that page, they will ask you some common details.

  1. Name
  2. Phone number
  3. e-mail address
  4. the country of residency

Click on the submit option.

when you submit the form, you see a pending status on the status bar.

After that, copy the link directly or copy it from the offers that the developer provides.

What Is Bitly:

Bitly is the website that shortens the links. The link you copied, paste that link in the bitly website.

When the link shortens, you will sell their offers.

How to sell:

Now I will tell you how to sell their products. Copy that link, and open the Facebook tab.

Search for “Amazon sellers”. There are a lot of Amazon sellers groups. Join that group. The groups with a large number of members are best. Join some groups. These all groups are for those who sell products on amazon. Thousands of people want to increase their sales on amazon.

I am writing a passage that you will same paste in those Facebook groups. Share that passage in fourteen to fifteen groups. The person that is an amazon seller instantly understands and will buy offers.

If you want to increase your Amazon sales, Follow these steps:

 1) Optimize your listing for sales

 2) Do more keyword Research

 3) Better Product Image

 4) Get your Pricing Right

This Website will do all these automatically 

When someone buys offers from your affiliate link, the amount will be added to your account. You can easily withdraw from your easy paisa and jazz cash account.

Amazon is an excellent website from where you can buy and sell products. This sellics sells and buys products worldwide. If you join their affiliate program, you can also earn a good amount of money. People from all over the world sell products. 

When you join their affiliate program and, the website gives you a link, you can share this link with other people.

When someone buys from our given link, you will get a percentage of money from that product. Go and start earning with the Amazon affiliate program.

Suggest this website to those that are selling products on Amazon. 

Main Website Link Here

Bitly Website Link Here

Description Link Here


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