Snack Fixed Salary Requirements

Snack Fixed Salary Requirements

This article is for those who registered in the Snack app. those who are on the pending list. or those who will go for fixed salary registration. If you will read this article, you will be able to achieve the requirements of the snack app. If you fulfilled the snack app requirements, you will get a bonus from the snack App. This bonus is for people who will work best. Your videos should have to be good enough so that you can get a bonus.

There are two levels in the snack app. S level and A level. If you work hard, you will fall on these lists.  If you do not get registered in the Snack app, you will make videos. Therefore, make quality videos and get money from the snack app. Is it not good to make face videos on a snack app with a snack camera and get money at home?



Read the instructions below:

  1. Make a video with a snack camera. And can also upload videos from other cameras, Let me go a little further and tell you how to make it
  2. You will upload 10 face videos by using other camera apps. You can download cameras from the play store or use a DSLR. These requirements are not from the Snack app. So, your level of snack application will increase.
  3. Youtubers will get more salary than tiktok, snack app, likee, and Instagram. YouTubers hardly gain 1k followers in one or more than one year. People on other applications gain followers instantly.
  4. You have to change your dress in every video. Moreover, the background should also be different. If you make videos with the same background, The Snack will not accept your video
  5. You can repeat dresses After 5 to 10 videos.
  6. Do not use any type of effects in your videos. This will ruin your video. Moreover, Snack will not accept it.
  7. You can use filters, which will make your videos better.
  8. You have to choose the right place for video making. Good light is enough to make a good video. You can use sunlight. Your lighting setup should be good.
  9. You can send 10 videos (which will be made by other cameras) at any time of the month. Do not use any type of logo.

When you upload 25 videos with a snack camera and 10 videos with other camera apps, you will surely fall in the best salary level. If you do not pass after fulfilling these requirements, I will give you the salary. I am giving you the guarantee. Therefore, you must have to fulfil all the requirements. You will not get a salary if your background light is not good. Secondly, you are not making videos with a snack camera. Thirdly, you are wearing the same dress in every video. Snack will pay you for your best performance. Therefore, your videos should be good enough. So that snack will pay you.

How To Make Videos:

You have to open the snack camera as I am going to show you in the picture below.

  • You need to change some settings. Firstly, you will change the time from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Secondly, you will see the task in the temple option. I will also announce these tasks in groups. 
  • All the hashtags are available in the temple option. You can pause and play videos by using a snack camera. Secondly, you can record videos.
  • Do not use the EFFECT option. This will ruin your video. Secondly, you will not be selected in the snack fixed salary level.
  • You will use the TEXT option. If you write something good, therefore, this will cause a good impression. You have to adjust this text in good manners.
  • ENHANCE is the option that will increase the clarity of the video secondly, it will increase quality.
Snack fixed salary requirements
Snack fixed salary requirements

First, your voice. Second, music. You can adjust both sounds by using these options.

  • You can choose stickers. It is not compulsory to use stickers. can use it if you want.
  • You have to use the COVER option to enhance the look of your video. You have to write something on the cover photo. A type of thumbnail is necessary. You have to write something related to your topic. Do not cover your face with this thumbnail picture.

How to upload videos?

  • After making videos, select the NEXT option.
  • You have to write a good title related to your video. This title should not be too long or too short. You have to describe your videos in 2 to 3 words.
  • You can use a maximum of 5 hashtags for your video. Firstly, 1 or 2 should have a related video, Secondly, 3 hashtags should be trending hashtags.
  • You can also tag friends. Click on the Friends option and choose friends whom you want to tag. 
  • You need to set your video to PUBLIC. So, the public will have to watch your video. if you set this video to private then, no one will be able to watch your video.

I hope you understand what I said in this article.  I tried my best to convey my idea. This will be helpful for you to make the video by using a snack camera.


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