Traffic Explosion Method

Traffic Explosion Method

If you want that, your article could reach more people then, it will spread your work all over the internet. So, more people come to your work. That is called the traffic explosion method. For this purpose, you need to go to some websites that I will tell you about.


The first website is This website is very popular in European countries, Canada, and the U.S. It is a social platform from which you can get traffic for your article. All you need to start the work with signup to Tumblr. 

It is a very simple method to share posts. It somehow looks like Facebook where you can send your posts. You can share any post on Tumblr. A person can add a picture, text, and anything on Tumblr.

You can share the link to the article on Tumblr. Here people click on your given link and you can get traffic on your writing.

Go on Tumblr, create your account, post your article on Tumblr, and get maximum traffic. Grow your Tumblr account with your website. That will give you maximum traffic on your website.


Now I told you about a new website from, where you can also get traffic.


The website is On this website, we will mainly do two types of things. The one thing is to join subreddits and, the second thing is to create subreddits.

The first thing is to sign up for their account. 


Traffic Explosion Method
Traffic Explosion Method

Enter any name of the community. You can write any name. But this name should be unique so that nobody already took this name.

After the name click on the community public. After selecting the PUBLIC option, your posts will be seen by the maximum public. You will get maximum traffic on your account.

After all, click on the CREATE THE COMMUNITY.

How to create a post:

  • Click on create a post.
  • Click to add a link.
  • Now copy the link address.
  • Paste the URL of the copied address.
  • Then post it on Reddit.
  • You can post on Reddit as well as post in the Reddit community too.

You can also grow your community as a blogger. Also, write blogs on your subreddit. This is also an easy method to grow your website. You can get traffic from Reddit and the Reddit community.

If you want to learn something and want to join some communities. Go and join these communities and connect with other people. Reddit receives 1.6 billion traffic every month. 

The above-mentioned countries are those countries from where you can get a lot of traffic.

Now I am going to tell you about another website that is Quora.


The first step is to create Quora space.


You can create a quora space. Space is a special place for you where you can post a lot of things. You can post the links to your website.

Here you can write the name of your website or anything. After that, you have to describe it briefly. Then create the space. After space creation, you can add wallpaper, banners, and whatever you want.

You can get money from quora. You can monetize your quora space.

A person can publish articles on the quora website. Write a little about your article. After that, post the link to your article. That will gather a lot of traffic on your website.

Website Link Here

Search questions about your article:

Here you can search for questions related to your article. A lot of people write about your article. So you can search related to your article topic. Write anything in the search bar. You will see a lot of people writing about this specific topic.

Now I am going to tell you about another website. That will also give you traffic on your website.

Find forums


This website allows you to search forums and communities.

  • Go to categories.
  • Suppose I am searching for cooking.
  • Go to the search bar and write about cooking.
  • Click any of the forums.
  • When you start interacting with other people, you will get followers on your website.

Interact with people, and a good interaction will give a lot of traffic to your website.

  • You can also grow your website by creating a Facebook page. Make a good Facebook page and flourish your website through your Facebook page. When you have a lot of friends, your article will have a lot of traffic.
  • Now I told you about another website from where you can get a lot of traffic.


  • You can also share your posts on Twitter. 
  • Use good hashtags for your posts. Then you can get good traffic on your website.
  • First of all, you have to create your Twitter account. If you already have a Twitter account, log in to your account. After that, you can share your content there.

Content studio:

  • That is a very useful application. You can spread your post or link with just one click.
  • First of all, sign in or sign up to their account. 
  • After that, all you need to do is click on the social media post. 
  • Click on the social media post.
  • Write something and click on all social accounts, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and whatever your social media account. You can send a single post to all your accounts. Due to this, your post will spread on all social media and you will get traffic on your article as well as your website.

Create some social media accounts.

Try to grow your website through them. 

When you get a lot of traffic on your posts, you can grow well. Try some good hashtags for your website. Do not share your posts on scam groups.


It is a good website. You can grow your website from LinkedIn too. Here you can post your whole article. 

First of all, you have to sign up, If you do not have an account. When you post articles on LinkedIn, then people search for you from this platform. 

You can get a lot of traffic from this application.


Medium is a great website From where you can get a lot of traffic. You can create your account on medium. When you create your account then, you can share your articles on medium and can get traffic from medium too. You can also put your website link on medium so that you can get traffic on your website.




That is a great application. You can grow your website here. Here you can create a Pin. 

If you did not know how to create a pin then, go to the canvas and search for Pinterest. They will show you templates related to your mind. IT has thousands of templates.

I told you all the tips. Now the main thing is to do hard work. If you work hard and also create these social media accounts, you will get good traffic.

 Suppose you get a hundred people in a month from each website, you will get almost two thousand traffic on your website as a beginner.

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