What s CPA Marketing

What is CPA marketing?

Cost-per-action marketing is the best yet the most convenient way to earn money online and work in the comfort of your home. In this article, we will discuss everything about CPA marketing and focus on the following aspects of it

CPA Marketing:

  • What is CPA?
  • How to start?
  • Where to start?
  • Some tips and tricks

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Did you know that just doing some simple actions like letting someone download an application or enter their email id can make you 1, 2, or even more dollars per action?

In affiliate marketing, we have to promote a product or a service to customers, and when someone buys the product or service, then, we earn a commission out of it. 

CPA is a type of affiliate marketing, but it differs in a way that here we do not earn based on the sales we make rather per action that we perform. 

For example, if you promote an application that leads someone to just download the application, then you earn your commission which does not require the user to buy something. 

Where to find CPA Offers:

To find CPA offers or networks, we have to visit websites like MaxBounty. 

This website is more advanced and does not accept beginners. 

You need to have some experience to get approval from this site. 

The other best option for beginners is cpalead.com which helps you find a lot of CPA offers. 

Find CPA offers in MaxBounty:

  • To find campaigns click the browse section on the left side. 

CPA Marketing For Beginners

For Apply search campaigns, click the search option just below the browse section as shown below

CPA Marketing

  • To check what the campaign pays for, click on it
  • The new window shows the details including the amount it offers for the action

What is CPA

The campaign shown above offers 1.6 dollars per unit if someone enters his or her email address. 

We also must check the country/countries where we are supposed to promote the offer. 

The figure below shows an example of an offer that requires us to promote the offer in the United States only. 

This means the one who promotes the offer can be anywhere in the world but the people to whom it is offered must be from the United States.

cpa digital marketing

  • On the top section, we can see the types of traffic that this campaign allows
  • You can check your approval status and daily Caps as well.


The most important thing in CPA marketing is your integrity. In CPA, we have to be very careful of misleading bad offers. As you will get a lot of offers to promote, you have to ensure the integrity of the offer. 

You can promote offers like Apps, games, etc., that are legit, but you should not promote offers that have misleading content.

How to promote CPA offers:

There are methods for beginners who have never done CPA marketing before and there are other methods for those who are already familiar with it and want to find more advanced options.

The beginners’ methods include lockers that help the marketer lock the offered contents. For example:

For this:

  • Go to cpaleads.com
  • Click on lockers options
  • Go to file and link locker

The following window will open with a list of different file lockers

You can click on any option of your choice. 

To understand the concept better, let’s click use template of eBook locker. 

This will lead us to the following window, where we can choose a file to upload its eBook image and put more details about it

cpa marketing

You can click on any option of your choice. 

To understand the concept better, let us click the template of the eBook locker. 

This will lead us to the accompanying window, where we can pick a record to transfer its eBook picture and put more insights concerning it

  • Write page name on the top
  • Go to the locker file URL and enter the URL
  • Click on the save and preview option
You will get your landing page link

Just copy the link and paste it into the browser and you will get the landing page where anyone can download the eBook.

To download the eBook, the target user will have to click on the option shown above.

The following option will appear

What is cpa marketing

That requires the end user to complete the given actions to unlock the download.

So, if the end-user completes the actions and gets the e-Book then you will get paid. 

Now, you might want to know how you can get free books if you do not have one already. 

For this, you can search free PLR eBooks on your search engine

Go to the given options like freeplrdownloads.com and look for eBooks that you want to download

PLR; gives the user the right to download, modify and sell the content.

These PLR products are in the form of eBooks, videos, software, etc. 

Just download the eBook zipped file from the site

Upload it on the file locker option.

For advanced methods, we have native advertising and push ad advertising, etc. 

Native advertising is a type of paid advertising that is similar to social media content. 

These ads appear on the website but, the user does not think of them as an ad.

Because the content of the ad is just like the content of the website is.

Native ads are nice to use because of some things. 

  • the high engagement of the users
  • It builds trust between the advertiser ad the user
  • These ads have higher recall rates comparatively
  • It has more content options in comparison to others

For native advertising, we have various networks available like mgid, taboola, and Outbrain. that help the marketer create the ad link.  

Push ads can be explained by taking the example of the push notifications that you get on your phones. 

We can use the services of different sites like Zero Park that help you to launch a push ad campaign.

Sign up to ZeroPark:

To create the advertiser account has three steps

  1. Account setup
  2. Billing info
  3. Contact details
  • Open ZeroPark website through Google
  • Click on the signup option

The new window will ask for the personal details that you are required to provide

  1. Enter your first name
  2. Enter your last name
  3. Mention your business email
  4. Create a password 

In step 2, you give your billing info like the credit/debit card number and password.

In the 3rd step, you give your personal contact information:


your phone number.

At last, click on the square box that shows that you agree to the terms and conditions of the services. 

You can push ad notification for like 0.003$ per click offers you an affordable traffic source for promoting CPA offers.

Push on ads is beneficial for the following reasons

  • These are more visible than other formats used for ads
  • Have higher rates of subscription
  • It has more chances to be seen by the user as it has higher viewability
  • These ads are not intrusive 


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