What is cryptocurrency – cryptocurrency trading

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a type of trading that is not physical. It has done through computers. The data has been saved in computers and software. This is an automatic process. People buy coins from one person to another person online. All this process is called mining. The more people buy coins from one person to another, the higher will be their mining speed. 

What is cryptocurrency?
What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency’s most buy coin is bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is the most expensive coin in the world. 

Its price is in thousands of dollars. 

People buy from one person to another. There is no other method to purchase coins. Its price increases within a minute. Sometimes its price is very high, and sometimes it has a low price.

What is a Market cap:

Open the coin market cap. Signup yourself and then log in to your account.

Scroll down to this website you will see an option of “portfolio”.

Click on add new. There you will add coins like BTC and others. I am going to select Ethereum. You can choose whatever you want.

how to invest in cryptocurrency
how to invest in cryptocurrency
  1. After that, the website will ask you about how much Ethereum do you have?
  2. On which date did you buy Ethereum?
  3. Have you paid any fees?
  4. What is the price per coin?

Will answer their questions.

We can also add notes to this website. You can write, which application you use for trading.

Click on “add transaction”. Your coins will be added to the website.

By clicking the icon that is “tab”. You will see three types of tabs.

  1. Trending
  2. Biggest gainers
  3. Recently added

You can turn them off if you do not want to look at them.


Slightly scroll down, you will see many coin prices and their details.

You can predict which coin will earn more in the future. You can see many categories of coins with a lot of details.

When you click on cryptocurrency, you will see all types of coins in the list below.

In an option, the application will tell you about past some time trading. Like in the past seven days the trading increased or decreased.

Market cap is that in which website will tell you how much investment is available.

Volume is that the application tells you about trading in the past twenty-four hours.

Circulating supply is that in which money circulates from person to person.

You can get all the information related to any coin by clicking on it. A person can check everything related to any coin by clicking on their community, can chat with their developer. Therefore, you can check their price in bitcoin also. You can also check their market cap.

You can get information related to coins by dividing the circulating supply on the market cap. This will tell you about trading or price increase estimation.

Solana Coin (ADA)

  1. I am going to tell you about the Solana coin. 
  2. Its price is 102 dollars at the time when I am writing the article. 
  3. You can check each and everything related to the Solana coin. 
  4. It is a trending coin now. And its rate is increasing. 
cryptocurrency trading
cryptocurrency trading


What is Satoshi:

The figures after the point in bitcoin are called Satoshi, Like 0.0000345. The figures after points 0000345 are satoshi.

How to trade:

  • If you are Pakistani, join the Binance trading application. 
  • Signup to Binance account. After signup, click on the top right corner. You will see your complete profile of yourself. If you want to use Binance lite then you will see fewer options. Do not use this option. Click on the wallet option. You will see the overview of all coins. Furthermore, you will see a lot of options.
  • Click on P2P trading. Below the P2P button, you will see two options. Buy option and sell option.
  • You can sell bitcoin and get money in Pakistani rupees. 2nd option is that you can buy bitcoin from Pakistani rupees. You have multiple options related to coins. You can buy bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB and also sell these coins. I am going to tell you that how to sell all these coins and buy them.
Binance trading P2P
Binance trading P2P
  • When you will click on P2P, and then click on buy. There are multiple rates of coins. A person can see the price in usdt, rupees, and a lot of other options. There you will see a yellow button on the buy button. This is a bank account option. This is your local bank transaction option. 
  • If you have any bank account, and you have money in your bank account then, you can direct deposit from your account and buy coins. Scroll down this, and you will see options of easy paisa and jazz cash. A person can buy all types of coins from there. Trader’s limit is also available here. This means that traders will tell you how many numbers of coins will they sell. Some traders have fewer limits. They will sell you coins of five thousand.

Some basics of trading:

  • You can buy coins from them and trade these coins. There are many types of coins other than BTC. If you have a low amount of money, you can buy coins other than BTC. I also told you that you can easily buy coins from your bank account, jazz cash, and easy paisa account.
  • The amount of these coins sometimes increase and sometimes decreases.
  • Sometimes It decreases for days. Do not disappoint at this point.
  • But sometimes it increases suddenly. Sell the coins at this point. This will give you great benefits.
  • Your money will be safe online. 
  • These coins are genuine. 
  • There is no chance of fakeness.
  • Firstly, You have to check the price of the coins then buy coins.
  • Secondly, check the daily increase and decrease in price. This will give you information that the price of your coin is decreasing or increasing.
  • If you want to sell coins, wait for the correct time. Wait for the price to increase. 
  • When the price will decreases, buy more coins.

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