What is dropshipping and What is a virtual assistant

In this article, I will tell you Dropshipping is the process in which an entrepreneur sells something from an e-commerce platform. A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker. He can provide you with services from anywhere in the world.

What is amazon dropshipping?

Just like other e-commerce platforms, Amazon also offers a dropshipping platform for entrepreneurs. Here, you can sell products from someone else store.
For this service, you have to become a drop shipper for Amazon.

How does this service work?

This service is for those who want to earn with little investment.
I am going to tell you some steps that will tell you about amazon dropshipping.
Firstly, promote a product on other platforms. When someone orders that thing, you will place the same order on the Amazon platform.
Secondly, the address and other details will come from your customer who orders you.
Thirdly, amazon will deliver the product to your customer’s doorstep.
Fourthly, your commission will be added to your account.

These are some easy steps that make a drop shipper. This business needs little investment. You can earn well with this job.

Dropshipping model:

This model work like a cycle. You work as a third party. A customer place order and you place the same order on another e-commerce platform. The customer gets his product, and you get your money.

How does it work?

1. Seller(Amazon) signs with the dropshipper (you).
2. Customer orders on the platform.
3. The seller gets the order.
4. Seller contact to drop shipper.
5. The drop shipper sends the order to the customer.
6. The customer receives the order.

Key players in this dropshipping process:

There are three key players in this process.
1. Seller’s record
2. Manufacturer
3. Wholesaler

Seller’s record:

This is you. You sell the products to the customers and keep a record of the prices and set prices for the customer because you are selling.


This party’s only work is to manufacture the products. This is all done.


Their work is to buy products from the manufacturer. They do not sell products to the customers. They are working as drop shippers.

Pros and cons of the dropshipping business:
This is the most important thing in this article. I am going to tell you some pros and cons of this business.

Cost of the business:

If you are unable to invest more in the business then this is for you. You can generate money with this business.

Sell on multiple E-commerce plateforms:

You can sell your products on multiple platforms. You can also hire a drop shipper.

Cons of the dropshipping:

Little profit:
Due to many sellers, the profit divide. You will get little money.

Short time:
There is a short time for the drop shipper to send the product to the customer. Within a little time, you have to complete the order. So, it is a bit difficult.

What is your profit margin?

This is the most important question for everyone. People with this business have less profit margin. The reason is that they have little investment.
Due to their little investment, they expect less.
Find products with more profit.

How will you handle returns and refunds?

This looks quite simple to some extent. A customer returns something to the drop shipper and returns it to the seller.
But this is not always an easy task. Get ready for the worse.
Take some time to understand how this thing works.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker. He can provide you with services from anywhere in the world.
If you are in remote areas and you have a busy schedule. You can hire a virtual assistant. He can provide you with assistance outside of your office.

What can a virtual assistant do?

He can manage your schedule, book your travel, and arrange meetings for you. He can do this without any office.
A virtual assistant is flexible, you can manage him for the work you want him to do.

How does a virtual assistant work?

Virtual assistants can be hired for small businesses. He can provide you with flexible duties. All his work is under his desk or table. A company is not responsible for its fast internet. As an independent contractor, he is a full-time employee. That provides benefits to the company.

Virtual assistant duties:


What is dropshipping And What is a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant can provide you with different types of duties.
He can work in clerical, and bookkeeping tasks.
Another assistant can keep you updated and can write a blog for your site on daily basis.
Some assistants can handle your travel and your appointments. He can store the data of your company.

Educational background of a virtual assistant:

For a virtual assistant, there is no need for higher education. The only need is to well train in his work.
Some clients expect higher education in tech. So he can handle any difficult situation.
A well-trained and experienced virtual assistant is highly demanded.

Benefits of a virtual assistant:

A virtual assistant can be beneficial as he can help with the tasks a client wants him to do. Some clients pay an assistant for tasks, and some pay by the hour.
While some clients with small businesses need a virtual assistant for the growth of the company. What is more beneficial for a company? A well-trained virtual assistant can assist.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

This is mostly asked question. You can search for him on different freelancer sites. Today almost one-third population wanted to work from home. Many sites provide you with information related to virtual assistants.
When you select one, some clients want a video meeting. After the successful meeting, he can hire an assistant.

In today’s world, this is a most valuable job. People are busy in their lives. That is why they need someone for help. They need a person that can help them to grow a business.

Before hiring a virtual assistant, you should need to create a smooth environment for him. Give complete information to your assistant. So that he can perform the task well.


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