What is e commerce

What is E-Commerce?

What is e commerce? Commerce is the terminology used for shopping. 

If you are buying something physically from a shop, then it is called commerce


If you are buying something from an online store, then it is called E-commerce.

There are three types of E-Commerce.

1: B2B

2: B2C

3: C2C

B2B (business to business):

Here a businessman buys things from one to the other.

Like you are buying something for your shop. You will buy the same thing in more than one piece. That is called B2B; like you are buying for business.

B2C ( business to consumers):

That is a business-to-consumer relationship. Like, you are buying something from Amazon or Daraz, your relationship is business to consumers.

C2C ( consumer to consumer):

That is the relationship between consumer to consumer. Like you are buying something from OLX. In this, a seller meets you, and you will buy that thing.

How to increase sales?

The main objective of any business is to increase sales. Here are some tips that will increase your sales.

  1. Competitive prices
  2. Discounts
  3. Promotions
  4. Good services

Applying these things will increase your sales. These things give you benefits.

e commerce

Features of E-commerce:

  1. Global reach

If a person is running a physical store; he can shift his store to e-commerce also. 

Before that, only some people accessed his store. But after e-commerce, he can sell things globally. That is the first feature of e-commerce.

  1. Competitive prices:

A person is going to buy something; he is now worried that “how to buy things”?

He can easily compare the prices and qualities of different stores. After comparison, he can buy things with more qualities. That is a good future for e-commerce.

  1. Return Policy:

Suppose a customer buys something, but he did not like that thing. Some stores in DARAZ and AMAZON offer a seven days return policy. You can return that thing or alter that thing.

Some apps offer you a return policy. The first one is AMAZON, eBay, Walmart, and Home depot. In Pakistan, Daraz offers this service.


How to sell on Amazon?

I will tell you everything, but the first thing is that; what is AMAZON?

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. 

Its owner is Jeff Bezos. 

His annual revenue in 2020 is 386 billion dollars. 

From all over the world, people are doing business on this website.

  1. Who can sell?

Every individual, group, or company uses this platform to sell their things. If you earn 0.005 percent of Amazon, you will earn a million dollars.

  1. Commission of Amazon:

Amazon charges about fifteen percent of each sale. Suppose a person is selling something for a hundred rupees, amazon will take fifteen rupees from that hundred rupees.

  1. Amazon Marketplaces:

Market places are important to know as virtual assistants. You have to register that product in that particular area. 

Suppose you are selling a leather jacket, you will register in Canada’s marketplace because Canada is a cold country. At the same time if you register the same product with the middle east, where the demand for the particular product is very low. So, you have to learn about the marketplaces.

You have to register yourself in that particular area.

How to sell?


There are two types of selling something on Amazon.

  1. FBA FBM

FBA: fulfill by amazon

It is a good service of amazon. 

You will send your product to the Amazon warehouse. 

That is all. 

If a customer likes your product and wants to order your product, then amazon picks your product from the warehouse and ships it to the customer. When amazon receives payment, it will cut the commission, and the remaining amount will transfer to your account.

FBM: fulfilled by the merchant

It is another type of amazon selling. Here all the responsibility is yours. When someone places an order, Amazon will send you a notification by email with the customer’s name, address, and payment method. 

You will pick the product, deliver it to the customer and receive payment.

These are two methods of selling things on amazon.

  1. Amazon business model:
  2. Private labels
  3. Wholesale
  4. Dropshipping

Private labels:

Suppose you are buying something from somewhere, and register that product by the name of yourself.

Amazon labels this product by your name. Now, this is your product on amazon. 

In Pakistan, pink salt is used commonly. You will search for pink salt on amazon. Here you will sell a lot of people who are selling pink salt by their branding. That is the first type of business private label.


You buy something in large quantities from a brand and then label this product to amazon, which is called amazon wholesale.

You buy coffee from Starbucks, Starbucks will ask you to buy at least two hundred products. 

Buy them and then go to google. 

Asked google to sell these Starbucks coffee. 

Amazon asks about a permission letter. 

You show a permission letter and sell Starbucks coffee.

Now go to amazon and search for Starbucks coffee. You will see many sellers are selling the same product.


Suppose you are buying NIKE shoes from amazon for ninety-five dollars. But you visit the local market, and you see the same shoes for fifty dollars. Or you see the same shoes from eBay for fifty dollars. You enlist your product on amazon. When you enlist the same product for fifty dollars, you will get orders. You copy the same address and paste it on eBay, and you will sell these shoes for seventy dollars. You receive a twenty dollars commission.

There is a bad thing; that your customer will be confused that he order shoes from amazon, and eBay sends these shoes in eBay branding. Customers will complain to you. Your account will be suspended. 

If you do the same thing from the local market, then you can earn a good amount of money.

Buy a thing at a low rate and sell the product at a high price.


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