What Is KSH Application – KSH App

What Is KSH Application – KSH App

This is a type of application in which you can earn money by uploading videos to this application. This application is similar to a snack. But now this application will be run by Pakistani developers. You can earn money on this application, and you will receive money on time. This application has not been launched in Pakistan yet. But soon it will be available to the users. I am telling you all to work on this application. The developer of this application has access to some YouTubers for this application. This application will be functional in November. I will tell you some of its features that will attract you. If you are earning money from snack applications already, then this application is only for you.

 KSH Apk

KSH app will give you a salary based on your followers. 

The followers are available on different platforms. These platforms are Facebook page, Instagram, likee, and youtube. The more your followers, the higher your salary will be. 

The salary is based on your followers:

1k – 5K (Salary 20$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
5k – 50K (Salary 30$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
50k – 100K (Salary 50$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
100k – 300K (Salary 80$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
300k – 500K (Salary 110$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
500k – 1M (Salary 120$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
1M – 3M (Salary 150$ Fix + Bonus Extra)
3M – 5M (Salary 220$ Fix + Bonus Extra)

Everyone can get 5k or more followers with a little effort. The most important thing is your effort. You can get everything by effort. Your success is the mirror of your effort for that work.

Rules to follow:

  • The work on this application is very similar to the snack application.
  • You have to upload thirty videos on the KHS application, just like the snack application. But twenty-five videos should be uploaded by the KHS app.
  • KHS application wants a user in action for at least twenty days. If you were active for 19 days, you would not get the salary. This is a sanction from the application that you have to complete for twenty days. One day less will drop your salary to zero. There is no option of deduction.
  • The cover/ hashtag is necessary If you want to qualify. This is similar to the snack application. You have to decorate your video with different thumbnails, covers, and hashtags. If you do not do so, Your video will not qualify. This video will be rejected. You will not get a salary.
  • You have to follow the rules of the community. If you do not do so, you will be rejected. No salary!
  • KSH tells you that you have to increase your followers every month. Every month hundred followers will have to increase. Otherwise, you will not get a salary.
  • These are some rules and regulations that you have to follow.

How to fill the form:

The form is available. 

I will give you a link. But this application is not working.

I will start working in November. 

You have to work with patience. I am going to share an application form with you. In the future, You will work on this app. 

There are some more rules I will tell you one by one.

  • KSH application is similar to Tiktok & Snack app with salary. This application has not been launched yet.
  • You will Receive your Salaries on Time. This application is not like a snack that did not pay your salaries on time.
  • KSH Select Limited Creators. So, Register yourself as soon as possible and Work will start in November. 
  • One Person will Fill the form one time. You can not fill in more than one.


What Is KSH Application - KSH App
What Is KSH Application – KSH App

Application form:

  1. First name: The name is available on your ID card. You have to write that name.
  2. Whatsapp number: That number which is working. Your WhatsApp number. Do not use friends’ numbers.
  3. Most Followed Account Link: That means other than the KSH app, applications like Instagram, Facebook page, youtube, TikTok, and like.
  4. Salaries: You have to choose your salary according to your followers. If you do good, the KSH application gives you a bonus based on your performance.
  5. Instagram username: The name which is available on your Instagram account.
  6. Submit the form and all set.



Form Link Here

App Download

After that, they will review your application. KSH will see your followers on other accounts and watch your performance. After a complete review, they will add you in groups. 

However, you will complete the tasks like a snack. When you work hard, the application will give you a salary with a bonus. This is an easy method of earning at home. Complete the terms and conditions of this application, and earn. When this application will launch, I will tell you more. 

How to earn and many more things in next article.



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