What Is Streamkar Application

What Is Streamkar Application

Streamkar application is an online chatting application in which you can stream online and chat with others. A person can make friends on this application. If you are free and want to earn online, then this application is for you. In this application, you can go live through their camera and talk to the world. You can make friends. 

Your friends will support you. They will send you gifts. You will exchange those gifts for coins and coins will convert into money. But you have to sit in front of the camera. If you do not set it, the application will restrict your account. You will be banned for some time.

For this, you cannot simply download the application, and start a live stream. You have to register yourself with an agency. After registration, you have to complete a target. The target is fifteen days and forty hours. You have to come online or sit in front of the camera for one hour. They counted one day. If you come for ten minutes, the application will count your every minute.

If you want to work on this application, please let me know. 

I will tell you an agency code.

 You can register yourself and start earning. 

Their target plan is seven thousand. You have to complete the target.

How to create an account:

  • The creation of an account is simple and easy.
  • Firstly, download the Streamkar application from the play store.
  • Secondly, the application shows you some login options. Log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and phone number. 
  • login to your phone number. 
  • Select your country and write your phone number in the tab. They will send you an OTP code. Verify your account by putting that OTP in the bar.
What Is Streamkar Application
What Is Streamkar Application
  • Thirdly, you can now watch many creators who are doing their live streaming.
  • Fourthly, click on go live. At the bottom, you will see “apply to be an official talent”. By clicking you will see an option” I have an agency code”.
 Streamkar App
Streamkar App
  • When you click on the tab you will see many options. Here you have to input your personal information, like your name, ID card pictures from front and back.
  • The application will ask you about an agreement. You must read it. After reading this agreement, you have to click ok to this agreement.
  • Input your name. Do not need to input your current name. You can choose whatever you like. 
  • You have to select your country, your province. 
  • Email is not compulsory. It is optional. If you do not have an email, then do not input it.
  • Input your phone number or WhatsApp number.
  • The main thing is that you have to input your ID card number. 
  • Input the picture of your ID card. Picture from front and back is mandatory. If the ID card number and pictures were different, they reject your application form.
  • If your age is under 18, you cannot join the Streamkar application.
  • Now you have to input Your Agency code.

2nd step of application is:

  • They ask you about the payment methods. You have to choose “via agency”. After that, the option below will be removed. You will receive money from your agency.
  • Click on submit the form. You will receive a post that “submit successfully”. Now your application will be under review for some time. After some time, your ID will be approved if you fill everything correctly.
  • Now you can stream. 
  • How to change name and profile picture:
  • Click on your profile. Click on edit profile. You will see an option that says “change your profile picture”. By clicking on this option, you can change your profile picture. 
  • Below the profile picture, you can change the name of your profile. If you want to change your name, you can change it.


How to use this application:

  • The usage of this application is simple. You can click on the go-live button and start your stream. 
  • When you go live, you will see many options.
  • A person can watch someone’s daily earnings.
  • People send you gifts, and that is your actual earning.
  • You can buy beans from the application through your Easypaisa, jazz cash, google wallet, and PayPal account. These beans are gifts. You can send beans to someone, to give to someone.
  • A person can also earn money by playing games on this application. Firstly, there were two games. After using UPN, you can access two to three more games. These games are cricket and teen Patti. Most people play teen Patti games.
  • Many people will be available to deal. They will say to complete your time and days, we will be here to complete your target.
  • I am here if you want to join me. That person will guide you completely.

How to complete the target:

You have to come on board for a minimum of fifteen days and forty days. 

When you complete your days and time, The main thing is “gifting”. If your friends do not send gifts, you will not be able to complete your target.

 How To Play a Teen Patti Game:

  • You cannot get access to this game easily. You have to connect your phone with a VPN. 
  • When you will download a suitable VPN. 
  • Connect with it.
  • Open your game again, now you can get access to many games, as you will see below:
 Stream kar App
Stream kar App
  • Now I will tell you some tricks to play this game. The chances to win this game will be 80% with this trick, and the chances to lose this game is only 20 %.
  • When you enter the game, you will see three chairs. A, B, and C. You have to bet on them. You can bet on a hundred beans, a thousand beans, a hundred thousand. 
  • You have to click on the down corner option and watch history. History is that in which you will see, which chair wins most. So, we will bet accordingly. If A wins last time that means, this time chances of B and C will be more. So, you will bet on those two options. This will increase the chances of your game-winning.


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