What is Web 3.0

What is Web 3.0

Web 1.0:

This is the internet in the beginning. This web 1.0 started in 1994, and it was modified into web 2.0. At that time, we only read on the internet. We can not alter anything. A person can just read the desired content on the internet. If somebody was writing the wrong content, he did not change it. The websites were static. When the number of users increases, the internet modifies. When people use the internet more, then it changes.

Companies feed data on the internet but we can only read them. We can not edit data.

What is Web 2.0
What is Web 2.0

Web 2.0:

  • This phase started after 2004. In this phase, a lot of things change. We buy things on the internet. As we use the internet a lot, the internet companies ask us for our data. These companies ask for location and some other details.
  • Suppose I use Netflix. Netflix asks me for my location. After my location, they will show me things related to my area.
  • If I am using Facebook, the owner of Facebook also asks for location. So, they suggest to me things related to your interest.
  • After some time, these companies start to tweak our data. They sell our data. 
  • Suppose I like chocolate posts a lot. These companies sell my chocolate data to chocolate companies. So that after watching chocolate ads, I can buy chocolates. That is called advertisement. The internet companies sell our data to advertisement companies. 
  • These companies misuse my data and start selling my data. I send my data so that these companies suggest me according to my interest. But they send me those advertisements for which their seller can get benefits. After some time I liked those things.
  • In the Facebook analytical scandal, Facebook uses our data and sells it to politicians. Politicians use data in their favor. After some time, we like those politicians.
  • The founders and CEOs of internet companies form rules and regulations for consumers. These CEOs and Founders create a monopoly in the industry. Because of this, they rule over us. These all things exist in a centralized world.
  • Now we are in need to go to a decentralized world. It is also called web 3.0. We are moving towards web 3.0.
  • We can buy a domain. 

Web 3.0:

  • In a decentralized world, social media, markets, and search engines are decentralized. 
  • It will not be owned by founders and CEOs.
  • Suppose I am using youtube. But, youtube did not give you any token. You can use odyssey instead of youtube. It will give you tokens while you upload any video or watch any video. It will provide you with a token. 
  • Same as you are browsing on chrome but, chrome did not give you any token. I will tell you another website from where you can get tokens. 
  • This browser is called the brave browser. 
  • This brave browser will give you a token. 
  • This token will have a monetary value.
  • In a decentralized world, all the projects will be built from the blockchain. Anybody can use this blockchain and connect to the world. In the future, there will be too many servers. These servers will never be shut down, like Facebook. The server will be online 24\7. There will be zero chances of being offline.
  • The content we upload will never be deleted like the servers that are available now. Because it will build from blockchain technique. They will know how to protect the privacy of others.
  • When we use these platforms, these servers will not ask us for our real identity. The wallet ID will be given to us. An avatar will be given to us. Like, the wallet ID of Amazon. All we need to do is upload the wallet ID. 
  • No need to show original identity or no need to upload any of your data. In wallet ID, there will be our ethidium or BTC wallet IDs.That is web 3.0.
What is Web 3.0
What is Web 3.0

Role of crypto:

  • If I want to use the crypto platform then, I have to pay fees. Like I am using the platform of Etherium, then I have to pay fees in Ether. I can use their Wallet ID to pay fees.
  • Suppose I am going to purchase the land, then they give me NFT of the land. That is a token for land. I am the owner of my things. 
  • There will be a P2P transaction. No need to use a middle man. There will be hand-to-hand transactions through your online platform.
  • It will be open-source, and everyone can join it. Everyone will be rewarded with the token.
  • The owners will run the organizations through smart organizations and fix their rules and regulations.
  • After that, all things will run through DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations).

Who are DAOs?

Those people that are token holders and carry more tokens are decentralized autonomous organizations.

After voting, everything will be decided.


  • The top currency in cryptocurrency is Decentraland that is working on metaverse. 
  • There are many adventurous activities in it. 
  • you can experience everything like the real world. There are games, shopping malls, and many other things on it.
  • You will be given NFT. 
  • By NFT you can buy lands and many other things. It is a virtual thing that is similar to the real world. 
  • The proof of buying things will be given in the form of NFT.
  • Everybody knows about the metaverse. 
  • Because Facebook is now working on the base of meta. Many companies are working on meta. It is also virtual reality. 
  • In the real world, a person can use virtual reality to show his skills.

So, today I told you about web 1.0, web 2.0, and web 3.0. Web 3.0 is called a decentralized world and we are moving towards a decentralized world. Web 2.0 is called a centralized world. In a centralized world, there is no privacy. Companies sell our data to marketing companies. 

They sell things according to their profit. 

These companies are run by CEOs and owners. 

So, they did not care for privacy.

In decentralized, everything will be available on blockchains. Your data will be safe. It will not be run by CEOs. 

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